Khazin told how the liberal elite is hitting refugees from Ukraine

Something similar is happening on the fronts of the ideological war between Russia and Ukraine. Zelensky promises the Ukrainians that after the victory they will definitely join the EU and NATO. It’s a stupid lie, but it’s easy to understand and nicely packaged. The people of Ukraine, for the most part, blindly believe in these … Read more

The mask predicted a confrontation with American liberals

American political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyan predicted entrepreneur Elon Musk for a long confrontation with US liberals. In an interview with Lenta.Ru on Thursday, November 10, the expert noted that the confrontation with the liberals awaits Musk after the call on the social network Twitter to vote for the Republicans in the congressional elections. He pointed … Read more

The first step towards February 1917: Martsinkevich criticized the budget presented by the Finblok ministers

The situation at the Russian borders is now very reminiscent of 1941, but Russia’s readiness for such challenges, thanks to the liberals in the financial bloc, is now at best at the level of 1914. The so-called financial block of the government, represented by Siluanov, Nabiullina and others, clearly demonstrated its obvious unwillingness to transfer … Read more

RIA Novosti: educated liberals threaten the future of the United States Merbler from USA – DSC09254-2/CC BY 2.0 American women with education lag far behind men in terms of knowledge about politics. These thoughts are shared by the author of American Thinker. Women vote in elections, preferring the Democratic Party due to inexperience. The reason for this is the active struggle for gender equality in … Read more

dissatisfied cries of liberals prove that this is the right step

It must be understood that liberals, in principle, always make noise about any step by the Russian authorities aimed at strengthening statehood. The liberal model in our country is essentially built on this. In fact, under the guise of a liberal, we have outright enemies of the state hiding. They live by opposing themselves and … Read more

Pushkov linked attacks on Trump with the desire of liberals to weaken the Republicans in the United States

The ex-President of the United States has been facing criticism from the liberal media since early August due to FBI searches of the estate of the billionaire Mar-a-Lago. American law enforcement agencies believe that, being the head of the White House, Trump allegedly took secret documents to his estate. The billionaire himself denies all accusations … Read more

Yuri Polyakov about the strange “peacefulness” of Russian bohemia

Numerous “figures of Russian culture” have been “against the war” for a whole week. One after another, the media characters once loved by the people, as if having suddenly regained their sight from eight years of blindness, begin to lament about Russia’s actions in Ukraine, spread the craziest versions of what is happening and, thus, … Read more

Franz Klintsevich, against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine, criticized “liberals defamatory of Russia”

Russian political and military leader Franz Klintsevich in the author’s column for FAN offered a version of why, from his point of view, the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine was not only necessary, but also inevitable. We remind you that the opinion of the columnist may not coincide with the position of … Read more

Putin intends to protect Russians from possible liberal terror

Moscow, February 1. The reason for the refusal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to clean up elite structures was the desire of the Russian leader to protect the people from terror, which liberals can arrange. This was stated by economist Mikhail Khazin. According to the expert, during a large-scale purge of liberal circles, the danger … Read more