The intelligence officer announced an increase in the level of interaction between Russian troops in the LPR

The level of interaction in the Russian troops has increased, which contributes to the advancement of the Russian Armed Forces. This was told on December 4 by a spetsnaz intelligence officer of the Western Military District in the village of Novoselovskoye in the LPR. As the military noted, competent tactics and interaction between units located … Read more

Intelligence in the LPR reported an increase in the level of interaction in the Russian troops

According to him, about two and a half weeks ago there was a “turning point” in this settlement, after the infantry, reconnaissance and tankers “brewed a common cause” and began to work “for one purpose”, and not separately in their direction. Due to this tactic, interaction increased, in which everyone began to cover each other, … Read more

The fire on Irinovsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg was assigned the first level of complexity

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The European Union announced the first revision of the level of the “ceiling” of oil prices from the Russian Federation

The “ceiling” of oil prices, which the EU countries expect to put into effect on December 4, will be regularly reviewed to maintain relevance. For the first time this should happen in mid-January 2023, the press was told in the European Union. .

WSJ: EU countries are discussing the “ceiling” of the cost of oil from Russia at the level of $60

FBA “Economy Today” The European Commission has proposed to 27 EU countries to set a price limit for Russian oil at $60 per barrel. It is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing sources. It is noted that representatives of European countries have already started discussing this proposal. According to the publication, all EU states … Read more

Europe’s wind energy production falls to its lowest level since June 22

Representatives of the European Wind Energy Association WindEurope specified that the average figure for November this year was at around 18.9%. Although on some days of the month, wind turbines provided about a quarter of the entire European energy mix. .

The yellow level of danger was introduced in Moscow and the region due to sleet The yellow level of weather danger was introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region due to black ice. This is reported by the Hydrometeorological Center. The warning is valid until 01:00 Friday, December 2. This is reported on the institution’s website. “Yellow – the weather is potentially dangerous,” the message says. Drivers should be … Read more

Ukrenergo reported a shortage of electricity capacity at the level of 27%

The electricity capacity shortage in Ukraine is 27%, Ukrenergo reported on November 30. In a message published on the company’s Telegram channel, it is said that, as of 11:00 am, 73% of electricity consumption is provided in the country. “Power shortage is 27%. The generation capacity is gradually growing, which will make it possible to … Read more

Putin considered a modest level of salaries in the social sphere

FBA “Economy Today” Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the modest level of wages in the social sphere, including in libraries. Earlier, at the opening ceremony of social facilities in several regions, the Russian leader was told about the library in Buryatia. In this regard, the head of state announced a discussion with the … Read more