Plus capital investments throughout the country // Regional investment standards are being prepared for implementation

The White House summed up the interim results of the work on the unification of the investment environment in the Russian Federation. To do this, together with the pilot regions, a reference model of the investment standard has been developed, which all subjects of the Russian Federation will implement by 2024. At the same time, … Read more

Remote employment everywhere and nowhere // Dmitry Butrin on the not yet mythologized covid unemployment

It is important to sum up some results before the process ends – otherwise, immediately after its completion, it is often transformed into a myth under the influence of subsequent circumstances. In this sense, the report of the Accounts Chamber on the audit of measures taken in 2020 and the first half of 2021 by … Read more

The threat of stagflation is embedded in the forecasts // Monitoring of forecasts

Analysts of the Gaidar Institute collected 99.99% of the results of business surveys of the industry in 2021, which make it possible to sum up not only the current results, but also to generalize the forecasts for the development of the sector. The Industrial Forecast Index, built on expectations for demand, output and employment, performed … Read more

Half a trillion was assigned to the governors // The selection of projects for the infrastructure loans program is completed

The government has summed up the results of the regions’ bidding campaign for the distribution of the first 500 billion rubles. infrastructure loans. In 81 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 221 projects were selected, providing for the construction or modernization of more than 600 infrastructure facilities. Remained unspent 16 billion rubles, which are planned … Read more

Supervision and control need will // The reform will not work without the attention of the authorities and business

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and the Higher School of Economics (HSE) summed up the results of the reform of control and supervisory activities (CPV) in their annual report. An external assessment boils down to the fact that the basis for creating a new “smart” system of state control is ready, but … Read more

How the Chinese economy grew under different rulers // Infographics

On November 11, the Sixth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China ended in Beijing, which summed up the results of the “hundred-year heroic struggle” of the Chinese communists. At the plenum, particular importance was given to Xi Jinping’s ideas on building socialism with Chinese characteristics. How his power and Chinese … Read more

The Russian industry is experiencing “longcovid” // Monitoring of the conjuncture

The Gaidar Institute (IEP), based on the results of business surveys of industrialists, which have been conducted since 1992, summed up the sector’s recovery from the last crisis based on data for January-September 2021. According to the author of the study, Sergei Tsukhlo, the protracted crisis of the 1990s and the crisis 2008-2009 “fit into … Read more

Fairness in half // Surplus income tax postponed, metal tax goes to the poor

At a meeting in the White House, the government and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) reached a compromise on two innovations in taxation. The results of a long discussion were summed up by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin: taxation of metallurgists will be adopted at slightly lower rates than the Finance Ministry proposed. … Read more

Novak: in Russia gas can be supplied free of charge to 3-4 million households

In Russia, about 3-4 million households can be supplied with gas free of charge under the amendments signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. “According to our estimate, this could affect about 3-4 million households. Currently, active work is underway to implement it. A federal law on … Read more