Russian tour guide Oleg Kodola died in an accident near St. Petersburg A serious accident happened on the Kola highway in the Leningrad region. Oleg Kodola, a scandalous guide and writer from Solovki, died as a result of an accident. The tragedy happened on September 22. According to preliminary information, a 40-year-old woman driving a Renault Sandero collided with a truck. Due to the strong impact, … Read more

Mobilized Petersburgers can be paid the same as the military under the contract

St. Petersburg public and political figure, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Mikhail Amosov in conversation with a correspondent FAN said that, most likely, to pay money to those who fell under partial mobilization will be the same as to contracted servicemen. .

A resident of the Leningrad region was accused of harassing a minor son

A resident of the Leningrad region was accused of harassing her minor son. A representative of the department of guardianship of the administration of the Slantsevsky municipal district turned to the police and announced illegal actions against the child, TV channel 78 reports, citing a law enforcement source. .

Iskra search engines provided facts of Nazi atrocities against the inhabitants of the Leningrad region

The meeting on the suit of the prosecutor’s office to recognize the actions of the Nazis during the Second World War as genocide and war crimes was held on September 21. According to Klementiev, the remains of 132 people were found in Silva Park. About 60 of them belong to prisoners of war. .

Petersburg, a trial was held on the case of recognizing the crimes of the Nazis as genocide

Based on this, the expert said that the Nazi ideologists had a special attitude towards the territory of the Leningrad region. According to him, there was the destruction of the Soviet-party asset, any dissatisfied, genocide against prisoners of war, against the Jewish and Gypsy population, genocide against the Slavs by the allies of the Third … Read more

TFR collected evidence of the genocide of the population of the Leningrad region by the Nazis during the Second World War

The investigators studied the Soviet post-war trials – the Nuremberg Tribunal, Leningrad, Novgorod and others. The collected materials confirm that the Nazi invaders used radical and harsh methods against the peaceful Soviet population. It has been established that about 3 thousand settlements were destroyed in the Leningrad region during the Second World War. .

A thief with a scar stole a phone and nine rubles from a 16-year-old student in the Leningrad region

The robbery took place in the village of Begunitsy, the 47news portal writes. The mother of the victim turned to the police, saying that an unknown person attacked her son in the entrance of a residential building. The total amount of damage caused to the minor amounted to 12,009 rubles. .

The huntsman shot his partner near Vyborg, mistaking him for a wild boar in the bushes

Photo by formstock The accident occurred in the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region. The huntsman mistook a stir in the bushes for the movement of a wild boar and shot his partner. It all happened on the territory of the Glebychevsky forestry, not far from the village of Ermilovo, writes 47news. The shooter himself … Read more