A pipe break led to the flooding of Shcherbakov Street in Yekaterinburg

pxhere.com The accident on the networks of the water utility occurred on the evening of September 29 at the intersection of Shcherbakov and Samoletnaya streets in Yekaterinburg. As a result of the incident, the road was flooded. Specialists quickly moved to the place to find out the reasons for the technological violation. As explained in … Read more

Economists told how the increase in the dollar supply led to a recession in the global economy

The United States plans to raise the Federal Reserve’s key rate to 4.5% in 2023. The Chinese edition of the Global Times writes that this will lead to a global economic earthquake. Leading researcher at RISS, specialist in economics Pavel Zakharov does not consider the prospects for the global economy so pessimistic, but believes that … Read more

Der Freitag: the irresponsibility of past rulers led Germany to an energy crisis

pxhere.com Responsibility for the current energy crisis in Germany lies with the previous leaders of the state. It was they who did not prepare the country for emergencies and did not find alternative energy suppliers, follows from the material of the newspaper Der Freitag. According to observers, now even wealthy Germans have to save on … Read more

the strengthening of the dollar led to a panic in the global foreign exchange market

Against the backdrop of the possible plans of the American regulator, trading floors experienced serious pressure. Thus, the pound sterling was below 1.14 dollars for the first time since 1985. The Australian dollar showed similar dynamics, the Chinese yuan and the Japanese yen also fell. Analysts say the Fed is trying to fight rising inflation … Read more

Flooding in Italy led to the death and disappearance of people

pxhere.com A powerful storm hit the Italian region of Marche on the night of September 16. He provoked a severe flood that affected several cities at once. The death toll from the floods was about ten people. Four more are considered missing, including two children. There are now about 50 people in hospitals, the number … Read more

Western sanctions policy has led to a slowdown in oil production by 5-6 million barrels per day

The expert expressed his position when he spoke at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. He commented on the situation that has developed after the attempts of Western countries to abandon Russian energy resources. .

An explosion in the area of ​​Kharkiv CHPP-5 led to a power outage in Ukraine

pxhere.com Immediately in a number of regions of Ukraine there was a blackout after the incident at Kharkiv CHPP-5. This was reported by the Sputnik Telegram channel. According to preliminary information, there is no electricity in Poltava, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk, Kremenchug, Kharkov and Odessa. In addition, the rail service has been suspended. It is known that … Read more