The crisis in the UK may leave schoolchildren without lunch Children from needy families in the UK could be on the brink of starvation due to record inflation and rising gas and food prices. Chefs in Schools, a British nutrition charity, has recorded an increase in the number of hungry children. Their parents are forced to make a choice between paying utility bills and … Read more

The Italian Embassy in Moscow recommended that compatriots leave Russia

Global Look Press | BAO/ The Italian embassy in Moscow appealed to compatriots who are now in Russia. Those citizens whose stay in the Russian Federation is not dictated by necessity should leave the country, the diplomats said. A similar call was made earlier at the American embassy, ​​advising fellow citizens not to plan trips … Read more

A rally was held in Tbilisi demanding that Russians leave Georgia

In the center of Tbilisi, Georgian citizens held a rally demanding that Russians leave the country. The video of the action went viral on September 29. “Russians, leave this country, you are not welcome in Georgia. Your government is not our problem,” the crowd shouted into the loudspeaker. It is noted that Russophobia has increased … Read more

Almost 5.5 thousand cars in North Ossetia want to leave through the Russian-Georgian border More than 5,500 cars are queuing in North Ossetia to cross the Russian-Georgian border. Among them, including, and 3.6 thousand cars. This was stated in the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, writes TASS. “3,600 cars on the territory of the republic are waiting to cross the border. As well as … Read more

The Romanian Foreign Ministry, following Latvia and the United States, advised its citizens to leave the territory of Russia

They are recommended to leave Russia. In addition, the department advised citizens to refrain from “optional trips” to the Russian Federation. Latvia and the US Embassy in Moscow have previously advised their citizens to leave Russia as soon as possible. .

Elena Vorobey announced plans to leave Russia

In the publication, the actress also said that she would leave Russia and go to Israel. There she intends to conduct a tour. Subscribers, however, did not appreciate Sparrow’s intention and reminded her of the difficult situation in the world. They also advised the actress to move her performance to the Donbass. .