Isar II nuclear power plant in Germany will have to be shut down to fix a leak

DPA notes that in order to continue operating the Isar II nuclear power plant until the end of the year, it will have to be shut down for almost a week to fix the leak. The agency will study whether it is possible to continue using the station as a reserve for energy production in … Read more

DPA: Germany will have to shut down one of its nuclear plants to fix a leak

The Isar II nuclear power plant in Bavaria will have to be shut down for a week to fix a leak in the plant’s internal valve. This was reported by the German agency DPA, citing data from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. The nuclear power plant operator has already informed the Bavarian nuclear … Read more

Ecologist admits the appearance of radioactive fish in the Russian Federation due to a leak at a nuclear power plant in Japan

Ecologist, co-chairman of the Union of Ecological Organizations of the City of Moscow Andrey Frolov commented on Monday, August 1, about the information that a leak of radioactive water occurred at the Japanese Mihama nuclear power plant. According to the expert, Japan is far enough from Russia and there is no direct threat to the … Read more

Ex-CIA officer found guilty of largest leak of classified data

A court in New York found former CIA programmer Joshua Schulte guilty of the largest leak of classified information, called Vault 7. This was announced by WikiLeaks on its Twitter account on July 13. “Alleged Wikileaks whistleblower Joshua Schulte found guilty on all charges,” the publication reads. According to the New York Post, Schulte, who … Read more

WHO urged to continue the investigation into the version of the leak of SARS-CoV-2

At the same time, scientists have not found out how the first variant of SARS-CoV-2 passed to humans. The results of numerous studies have shown that the closest relatives of the infection are betacoronaviruses. The peddlers of the latter were bats living in China and Laos. .

WHO recommends further investigation of COVID-19 ‘leak’ theory

The theory about the laboratory origin of coronavirus infection requires additional investigations. This was announced on Thursday, June 9, by the Scientific Advisory Group on Emerging Dangerous Pathogens (SAGO) formed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in a preliminary report. “SAGO notes that no new evidence has emerged to evaluate laboratory leakage as a route … Read more

Data with delivery // CDEC filed a class action lawsuit due to leakage of user information

Clients of the express delivery service CDEK filed a class action lawsuit against the company for 2.2 million rubles. on the recovery of compensation for the leakage of personal data. Information about users appeared on the network at the end of February, CDEK explained it as a large-scale hacker attack. Despite the tightening of Russian … Read more