The French national team lost the leading defender at the 2022 World Cup due to injury

November 22 Tomorrow, the 2018 World Cup finalist Croatia will play their first match in Qatar against Morocco. In the meantime, Croatian fans are rocking the local subway. Colorful guys! November 21 Photo: AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko Almost three million tickets were sold for the 2022 FIFA World Cup games in Qatar, according to the Associated … Read more

Uzbekistan takes a leading position in the supply of wine to Russia

Fort Import Director Daria Sologub also recalled that Uzbekistan has been a major supplier of grapes since the Soviet era. Currently, local companies have begun to offer their own alcoholic drinks. Their price indicator is within 300 rubles. Thus, Tashkentvino port wines can be found in the Red & White store. The cost of a … Read more

after Brezhnev’s departure, the country was quickly pushed onto a path leading to a dead end

Now that forty years have passed since the death of Leonid Brezhnev, it is precisely these feelings that mark the attitude of the majority of citizens of our common Motherland towards the personality of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. Reflecting on the experience, more and more people are asking themselves the question, … Read more

Boiling point: what are Washington’s provocations against the DPRK leading to

Global Look Press | Kcna/Xinhua Feeling the strongest pressure from the United States and its Asian satellites, North Korea has been forced to engage in demonstrative rocket launches and artillery firing in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarized zone for the past few days. At the moment, Pyongyang has no other way to declare to … Read more

Italy in July took a leading position among the EU countries in the purchase of Russian goods

The journalists of the publication, citing data from national statistical agencies, specified that Italian imports from Russia in July amounted to 3.04 billion euros. At the same time, Germany purchased goods from the Russian Federation for a total of 2.9 billion euros. In third place was the Netherlands, which imported goods from the country for … Read more

British radio presenter Tim Gough dies on live TV GenX Radio Suffolk host Tim Gough has died on air, the company’s Twitter account said. The organization expressed its condolences to the family and friends of Tim Gough. GenX Radio Suffolk revealed that he was 55 years old. Earlier, the first head of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, journalist Oleg Poptsov, … Read more

The new host of the show “One Hundred to One” Akopov is known for his sense of humor and education

Many are wondering why the choice of television leadership fell on Akopov. It turns out that in the show business environment, 64-year-old Alexander Zavenovich is famous for his education and excellent sense of humor. In addition, colleagues believe that the speed of reaction helps him to “pull out” any of the most difficult dialogue. .