Clothes dryers have become the leader in the ranking of the most energy-intensive household appliances Dryers can consume five kilowatts per cycle, making them the most energy-intensive type of household appliance. This opinion in an interview with RIA Novosti was expressed by an expert in the selection of household appliances Roman Chetvertnykh. The specialist emphasizes that buying a dryer can result in high energy bills. According to him, the … Read more

Ugra has become a leader in the implementation of projects initiated by residents

During the event, the results of the competition for the best projects that are being implemented in the regions of Russia at the initiative of the residents themselves were summed up. Thus, 1088 projects from 65 regions of the country were presented. Of these, twelve were selected. At the same time, three of them, or … Read more

“Little Red Riding Hood” became the leader of Russian film distribution over the weekend

The second place was taken by directors George Miller and Doug Mitchell’s “Three Thousand Years of Wishes”. Over the weekend, the film collected 21.8 million rubles. In the center of the plot was a genie, which fell into the hands of a scientist in the field of literature. .

Women of the Central African Republic called on the national leader to speed up the holding of a constitutional referendum

“The call of our women is certainly relevant. I will think about their words. However, the government will hold a referendum subject to the requirements of the law. Only in this way will peace come to the CAR.”

MGIMO explained the words of the leader of the “Brothers of Italy” Meloni about supporting Zelensky

The statement of the leader of the “Brothers of Italy” party, Giorgi Meloni, who won the last parliamentary elections in the country, that Italy will continue to support Ukraine, did not come as a surprise. This opinion on Wednesday, September 28, in an interview with Izvestia, was expressed by Tatyana Zonova, professor at the Department … Read more

“He had an infectious reputation”: Bakhyt-Kompot leader Stepantsov about Boris Moiseev

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look On September 27, at the age of 69, the Honored Artist of Russia died. Boris Moiseev. The body was discovered by its art director Sergei Gorokh, who announced the death of the singer. It is reported that Moiseev recently suffered a stroke. Presumably, it was because of its … Read more