“We are already back in the USSR with one foot” // Boris Titov on the paradoxes of the Russian attitude towards businessmen, their distrust of law enforcement officers and why he was lucky with “Abrau-Dyurso”

– Our cycle is called “30 years without the USSR”. Can you remember where the end of the Soviet Union caught you, what you dreamed of, what did you think was waiting for you ahead? – On the square in front of the White House, when Yeltsin spoke. Then I realized that the USSR was … Read more

How lawyers assess the transfer of TIN to service providers

Elena Agaeva, counselor at the Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners law firm, notes that the question of whether the TIN refers to a citizen’s personal data is controversial and is resolved in different ways. Yuri Fedyukin, Managing Partner of Enterprise Legal Solutions, explains that Roskomnadzor considers TIN as information related to personal data with SNILS, … Read more

Federation Council approved a three-year budget law

The Federation Council at a meeting approved the federal budget of Russia for 2022-2024. In the next two years, the budget will be in surplus: in 2022, the excess of revenues over expenditures will be 1.33 trillion rubles, in 2023 – 0.3 trillion rubles. In 2024, a deficit of RUB 0.52 trillion is expected. The … Read more

A law on free access to socially significant sites came into force in Russia

The law instructing telecom operators to provide free access to certain sites under the state program “Accessible Internet” came into force. The government has not yet established a list of such sites and criteria for its replenishment, however, from April 1, 2020, as part of the experiment, operators are already giving free access to a … Read more