Peskov said about the lack of cooperation with the United States in the investigation of the accident at the “SP”

The representative of Krem stressed that the accident on the highways requires urgent investigation. According to him, the intervention of any state cannot be ruled out. .

Moldova pointed to lack of clarity on gas supplies from Russia in October

Gazprom has not yet confirmed the volumes of gas supplies requested by Moldova for October. This was announced on Wednesday, September 28, by the President of the Republic, Maia Sandu, in an interview with JURNAL TV. “There is no clarity, I think that we will find out what Gazprom wants only on the night of … Read more

SABC News: South African police lack competent authorities to effectively fight crime

© d84 / / globallookpress Pretoria, 26 September. Human rights activists in South Africa spoke about the lack of quality training of police officers. According to the SABC News portal, the state is among the twenty countries with the highest crime rate. According to a published report, South Africa ranks 19th in the Global … Read more

The crisis in Haiti has intensified due to the lack of drinking water

Protracted mass protests, accompanied by shootings, road blockades and burning tires, forced many Haitians to take refuge in their homes indefinitely. This has slowed or stopped companies delivering water to Haiti, where temperatures reach 34 degrees Celsius. .

FT: Lack of carbon dioxide could bankrupt breweries in Germany Beer producers in Germany are cutting back on production due to a shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2). Its shortage is caused by the high cost of gas, reports the Financial Times (FT). “More and more companies in the brewing industry, which depend on the availability of carbon dioxide, are forced to significantly reduce or … Read more

Putin told Scholz about the lack of progress in removing obstacles to the export of products

© / Alexey NikolskyRussian President Vladimir Putin speaks on the phone MOSCOW, 13 Sep – Russian President Vladimir Putin told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about the lack of progress in removing obstacles to the export of Russian products and fertilizers, he also confirmed that the Russian side is ready to supply large volumes of grain … Read more