Participants of the All-Russian week of labor protection will discuss improving the quality of life of employees

Experts will discuss how to create a health-saving environment at Russian enterprises and what needs to be done to improve the quality of a person’s working life. Also on the agenda are questions regarding the prevention of resource burnout, motivation tools and the formation of a corporate culture of responsible attitude to one’s health. .

The Ministry of Labor announced the size of the universal child allowance

Russian families may start receiving universal child allowance. For one child, it will be 7, 10.5 or 14 thousand rubles, depending on the needs of the family. These figures were announced by the Ministry of Labor of Russia. .

Ministry of Labor: Universal allowance for families with children will be from 7,000 to 14,000 rubles

The universal allowance for families with children in Russia will be from seven thousand to 14 thousand rubles, if the family income is considered low. This was reported in the Ministry of Labor. An application for this allowance can be submitted from January 1, 2023, said Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov. Families … Read more

The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the minimum wage and the cost of living

The minimum wage is the minimum wage that a Russian citizen must by law receive for his work, and the living wage is the conditional cost of the necessary consumer basket, which includes the necessary food, non-food products, as well as services and utility bills. .

Volodin spoke about labor guarantees and credit holidays for mobilized Russians

The State Duma, as a matter of priority, will make a decision on credit holidays and the preservation of labor guarantees for Russians who have fallen under partial mobilization. Such a statement was made in his Telegram channel by the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. .

The State Duma will consider a draft on labor guarantees for partially mobilized in the near future

Senators are currently working on the nuances that are not taken into account in the Labor Code, she noted. It is fundamentally important for everyone that the participants of the NWO keep their jobs until the end of partial mobilization. .

The Ministry of Labor proposed to establish a new amount of unemployment benefits for 2023

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia proposes to set the maximum amount of unemployment benefits in 2023 in the amount of 12,792 rubles. This was reported on September 16 in the press service of the department. It is noted that the minimum amount of the allowance is proposed to be set at … Read more

Ministry of Labor: Funds allocated by the government will allow to conclude 30 thousand social contracts

Financing of social contracts from the federal budget in 2022 will be increased by more than 3.5 billion rubles. Additional funds will provide funding for 30,000 social contracts by the end of the year, the press service of the Ministry of Labor reported. Thanks to increased funding, over 280,000 families will be covered by the … Read more

Putin called the situation on the labor market stable

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