Ukrainian armed forces are experiencing an acute shortage of people

“The Ukrainian armed forces in their current form have never been designed for any long-term, serious military contact. There are and they remain to a certain extent in the Kramatorsk and Avdeevka groupings of forces that were focused on storming the LDNR, this is the first part, and the second – located on the periphery. … Read more

Lump in throat: why Pridnestrovie interferes so much with Kyiv

Transnistria is a lump in the throat of the Kyiv regime. About it in an interview FAN political and economic analyst said Vladimir Soloveichik. Former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vitaly Ignatiev announced the neutralization of a drone with explosives. He stressed that the device was launched from … Read more

Wife of Belarusian journalist Lavnikevich found her husband with traces of torture in Kyiv

Alexander Farnsworth/picture alliance/Globalookpress Belarusian journalist Denis Lavnikevich was tortured and beaten in his own Kyiv apartment. This was told by his wife Victoria. Lavnikevich and his wife are the authors of chats and channels for Belarusian citizens on Ukrainian territory. According to Victoria, she and her child temporarily left for Western Ukraine and one day … Read more

Chisinau announced its readiness to provide sappers to Kyiv The authorities of Moldova are ready to send a unit of sappers to Ukraine. This was told by the head of the national parliament, Igor Grosu. According to the parliamentarian, he has already notified the Ukrainian side of this intention. An engineering contingent can be provided to clear unsafe areas. Earlier, President Maia Sandu … Read more

dissenting Ukrainians cannot resist Kyiv due to repression

Political scientist Andrei Koshkin believes that sane Ukrainians see all this and understand what is really happening in their country. At the same time, they will not be able to decide to publicly express their point of view because of the fear of possible reprisals. .

Kyiv will send the defense to the front, exposing the fake of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

So, according to information from the briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense, high-precision air-launched missiles during the day hit four artillery batteries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, three ammunition depots in the areas of Mirnaya Dolina, Bakhmutskaya and Tashkovka, 20 areas of accumulation of troops and equipment, as well as an American-made counter-battery … Read more

The head of Romania, Iohannis, ruled out initiatives for rapprochement between Moldova and NATO at the present time

The Romanian leader drew attention to the fact that at the moment there is no information about the threats of “military danger” against Moldova. Thus, the politician commented on the possibility of the republic’s rapprochement with the North Atlantic Alliance in order to protect itself. .

Zakharova urged Kyiv to recognize territorial realities in Ukraine

Maxim Konstantinov/Global Look Press Ukraine and other states should accept the territorial realities that have developed around Kyiv. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. The diplomat stressed that the corresponding situation has developed due to the policy of the Kyiv authorities, which came after the coup in … Read more

Civilians under threat: Kyiv legalizes sadism and violence of the defense with a new law

Political columnistNatalia Eliseevain conversation withFANcommented on the recent law adopted by the Kyiv authorities. According to the document, territorial defense units can now be involved directly in the combat zone. According to Eliseeva, this may affect the number of crimes against civilians. “Thus, the actions of territorial defense are legalized. Because there enters an ambiguous … Read more