In Kyiv waiting for the arrival of the Pope

Podolyak immediately made a reservation that the visit of the Pope of Rome depends on many factors, including the state of his health. However, he is sure that sooner or later it will happen. Moreover, Podolyak believes that it is not at all necessary for the Pope to go to Moscow, since such a visit … Read more

Europe began to look for excuses because of the failure of Zelensky in Ukraine

The observer in an article for Moskovsky Komsomolets recalled the words of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who at the beginning of the Russian NVO said that the conflict could only be resolved on the battlefield. Now, in his opinion, the conditions for the end of the special operation depend solely on the … Read more

State Duma Deputy Sergei Gavrilov spoke about the sanctions imposed on him by Kyiv

Photo from the personal archive of S. Gavrilov Ukraine imposed sanctions against 606 representatives of the Russian political elite: 28 members of the Security Council, 154 members of the Federation Council and 424 State Duma deputies, said the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in his appeal to Telegram. Also, the Security Service of Ukraine conducted an … Read more

Kyiv militants used NATO shells in the shelling of Yelenovka

Federal News Agency Kyiv nationalists attacked Yelenovka. During the shelling, the militants fired shells of the “NATO” caliber of 155 millimeters. This information was shared on the Telegram channel by the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC). “Fire was … Read more

The strikes of the Russian Armed Forces in Krivoy Rog forced officials to urgently assess the safety of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station

Earlier it was reported that as a result of attacks on objects in Krivoy Rog, the water level in the Ingulets River rose sharply. As a result, the crossing was demolished downstream, which was built by Ukrainian troops. .

Political scientist Markov explained the mass repressions of the Kyiv regime in the occupied territories

Earlier it became known that on the orders of the Kyiv regime in Izyum, which the Russian army left for the regrouping of forces, “filtering” and mass repressions are being carried out. The political scientist, in a conversation with a correspondent, said that the reasons for such actions are clear, since the country is … Read more