Kornilov explained what fate may await Odessa

Vladimir Kornilov did not rule out that the Russian Armed Forces would take all the necessary decisions aimed at liberating other new territories from the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the oppression of the Kyiv regime. So, in the course of the NMD, the scenario of an offensive in the Odessa direction … Read more

Kornilov predicted an unusual completion of the grain deal

The Ukrainian elite decided that they had driven Russia into a stalemate by announcing the continuation of the export of grain from the port of Odessa, despite the fact that Moscow withdrew from the deal. Kyiv agreed with Ankara and enlisted the support of the UN, hoping in this way to force Russia to retreat. … Read more

Kornilov about a sensitive blow to Ukraine: Putin honestly warned about this event

Prt Scr youtube.com/Ukraine PU President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned the Kyiv regime about the inadmissibility of military provocations and the organization of terrorist acts. However, after the sabotage of the Ukrainian special services on the Crimean bridge, Moscow decided on a tough response using high-precision weapon systems. The well-known Russian … Read more

“Plans changed?”: Kornilov pointed out how Borrell changed his shoes in the Ukrainian issue

globallookpress/Juan Manuel Serrano Arce The latest statements by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, about the situation that is developing against the backdrop of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, testify to the difficult situation in which the European Union finds itself. This conclusion was made by the well-known Russian political scientist Vladimir Kornilov. … Read more

political scientist Kornilov commented on NATO’s refusal to accept Ukraine

Unexpected for Zelensky were the answers of Jens Stoltenberg, Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivanhead of the German Foreign Ministry Annalen Burbock and a number of other prominent figures of the countries of the Alliance. As Kornilov explained, they actually made it clear that inviting NATO to an … Read more

Kornilov on Borrell’s call to introduce new sanctions against the Russian Federation: the EU still has not realized the counterproductiveness of restrictions

globallookpress/Juan Manuel Serrano Arce Despite the counterproductive effect of sanctions against the Russian Federation, which hit Europe, the EU is not ready to abandon new restrictions. Such an opinion in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency was voiced by a political observer of the Rossiya Segodnya MIA Vladimir Kornilov. … Read more

“Now they are showing themselves”: a sabotage group was liquidated in Kherson

wikipedia.org / Ambidekstriy88 / CC BY-SA 4.0 The Western world welcomes the conduct of terrorist actions in the territories liberated by Russia. About it in an interview FAN said political observer MIA “Russia Today” Vladimir Kornilov. Earlier, the emergency services of the Kherson region reported that a sabotage and reconnaissance group was liquidated in the … Read more

Political scientist Kornilov spoke about the indifference of Western media to the crimes of Kyiv

Federal news agency The reaction of the world community and Western media to the “filtration measures” in Izyum will be zero at best. It is absolutely not beneficial for the West to put Kyiv in a bad light, so any human rights violations there will either be silenced or, as usual, blamed on Russia. Such … Read more

EC to present gas price ceiling proposal in September

Formerly Minister for Ecological Modernization and Transformation of Italy Roberto Cingolani said in an interview with the newspaper “Repubblica” that the European Commission will prepare a proposal to introduce a general restriction on gas prices during the current month. According to Chingolani, the introduction of a price limit only for gas exclusively from the Russian … Read more