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Kormukhina advised Russians not to worry about empty shelves in stores

Residents of Russia began to worry when they found half-empty shelves in stores. Singer Olga Kormukhina advised citizens not to panic and be patient. In her opinion, these are only temporary problems. .

Kormukhina spoke about the trip to the Donbass and Kherson

The actress noted that she heard a shell explosion nearby, but no one was hurt. According to her, the road to Kherson was all in deep holes. .

The stars performed for the residents of the Volodarskoye village at the festival “Days of Russia in Donbass”

The concert for the residents of the village was held with the support of the RUSSIAN CENTER. Olga Kormukhina, Askar Abdrazakov and singer Jasmine appeared on the stage. The stars congratulated the residents of Volodarsky and noted...

Olga Kormukhina named the reason for the quarrel with Alla Pugacheva

However, their relationship came to an end due to a quarrel caused by the Pugacheva Song Theater. According to Kormukhina, at one of the meetings, the Primadonna came into conflict with Kim Breitburg, after which she switched to...

Kormukhina called the gesture of Grebenshchikov, who gave 12 million euros to Ukraine, “an abomination”

Grebenshchikov gave a series of charity concerts in Germany. He decided to give the funds collected from the performances to the Ukrainians. But such a gesture of the musician infuriated his stage colleague Kormukhina. ...

Kormukhina hinted at mental problems in people demolishing Soviet monuments in Europe

The people responsible for the demolition of Soviet monuments in Europe may have mental problems. This opinion was expressed by 61-year-old Honored Artist of Russia Olga Kormukhina.According to the singer, on the YouTube show "Empathy Manuchi", the ideology...

Olga Kormukhina believes that celebrities who went abroad never loved Russia

The singer became the new heroine of the YouTube show Empathy Manuchi. In a conversation with its host, Vyacheslav Manucharov, she allowed herself a sharp statement about her colleagues who had fled abroad. According to the Honored...

Kormukhina spoke critically about the possible tour of Brezhneva and Meladze in Russia

Earlier, Kormukhina accused businessman Oleg Tinkov of hypocrisy. According to her, the banker earned money in Russia and fawned over officials as long as it was profitable for him. And now I realized that it is more...

Olga Kormukhina and Alexey Belov performed for the wounded participants of the special operation in Ukraine

Honored artist and singer Olga Kormukhina and frontman of the Gorky Park band Alexei Belov gave a concert in a hospital for wounded participants in a special operation in Ukraine. The performance took place in Naro-Fominsk.
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