Poverty in two dimensions // The Ministry of Labor plans a combined model for assessing its level in the Russian Federation

As it became known to Kommersant, today the Ministry of Labor will submit to the Russian Trilateral Commission a draft government decree that introduces an additional tool for assessing poverty in the Russian Federation. The “poverty line” will be an indicator that supplements the subsistence minimum – it will take into account the level of … Read more

Listvyazhnaya mine and its owner

On November 25, an emergency occurred at the Listvyazhnaya coal mine in the Kemerovo region. Dozens of miners were injured in the fire, several people died. What is known about the mine and its owners – in the “b” certificate. …

QR codes on the plane and on the train are still worried mainly about the unknown procedure

Kommersant has already said that the largest Russian airlines have so far declared their readiness to check QR codes, but are afraid of a drop in passenger traffic and technological difficulties associated with checks. Specific figures for the expected drop in passenger traffic can probably be calculated only next week (until November 11–12, according to … Read more

Who Invented the Ideal City // Grigory Revzin on “Treatise on Architecture” by Antonio Filaret and the city of Sforzinda

Antonio di Pietro Averlino, known as Filarete, was not lucky as an architect. For 12 years he made bronze doors for St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome (1445), was accused of trying to steal the head of John the Baptist, fled to Venice, from there to Milan, where he became the main builder of Duke Francesco … Read more

The prisons went on stage // The first stage of their digitalization is implemented by the structure of “Rostec”

The first stage of digitalization of Russian prisons, which will cost the budget 22.5 billion rubles, will be dealt with by the structure of Rostec. As it became known to Kommersant, the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) sent an application to the government with a request to approve United Instrument-Making Corporation (OPK) as the sole supplier … Read more