Three-eyed mutant kitten surprised social media users The kitten, as a result of a mutation, was born with three eyes. Two of them are in the same eye socket, a video with an unusual pet was published by its owner. Despite having three eyes, the kitten can only see with two of them, since the third is hidden under the eyelid. … Read more

Kitten about “Ramstein-5”: this is help to Kyiv not from the Pentagon, but from a military coalition of 53 countries

globallookpress/Tech. Sgt. JD Strong On September 8, the fifth meeting in the Ramstein format is to be held, at which the countries of the collective West will discuss further arms supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to military expert Yuri Kotenokwhat is important is not even the list of weapons that NATO countries … Read more

A kitten was rescued in a St. Petersburg car service

In St. Petersburg, in one of the car services, the car was dismantled to save the kitten. On Wednesday, September 7, reports with reference to the group “accident and emergency. Petersburg” in the social network “VKontakte”. The owner of the car named Olga said she found the animal under the hood. The kitten refused … Read more

Kitten from Donetsk shelter helps veterinarians save poisoned dog

A small kitten named Chita, who was admitted to a shelter for treatment with an infection, showed compassion for a sick dog. The kitty came to the sleeping Squirrel and tried to wake her up, after which she stayed to sleep with her, they said at the shelter. The owners of the kennel hope that … Read more

Firefighters rescued a kitten in Orel

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Rescuers of Nur-Sultan got a kitten that had been sitting there for almost two days from the cornice of the 22nd floor

The alarm was sounded by a girl from this residential complex. She heard a meow, but she couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. Only the next day the girl saw the kitten and called rescuers. Arriving at the scene, experts rescued the animal. Now the life of the kitten is not in … Read more

Kedmi compared the United States with a “foolish kitten” after the incident with the violation of Russian borders

Moscow, 13 February. The United States behaved like an unintelligent little kitten when it dared to cross Russian borders near the islands of the Greater Kuril chain. Israeli political scientist Yakov Kedmi spoke about this on the air of the Solovyov LIVE program. The Americans, by their behavior, again demonstrate an obvious distrust of Russia. … Read more