22 killed in military helicopter crash in Congo

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A previously convicted 35-year-old foreman killed a worker and drowned his body in a swamp near Tyumen

Seeing that the man showed no signs of life, the offender decided to get rid of the body. He tied the victim with a clothesline, attached a metal channel to him and drowned him in a swamp. The body was found only a month later, reported URA.RU. .

A commando accidentally killed a colleague during an anti-drug operation in Transbaikalia

According to the news portal, the incident occurred on September 18 in Chita. During a shootout with criminals, one of the bullets fired by a special forces officer hit the head of another soldier. .

Residents of Tel Aviv bring flowers to the Russian Embassy in memory of those killed in Izhevsk

On the morning of September 26, an armed man burst into school No. 88 in Izhevsk and started shooting. The victims of the tragedy, according to the latest data, were 17 people, including 11 children. Dozens more people were injured and wounded. .

A native of Transbaikalia killed a colleague and burned his dismembered body in a boiler room furnace

A native of the Trans-Baikal Territory stabbed a colleague with a knife, then dismembered the body of the deceased and burned the remains in the furnace of the boiler room. The man will have to answer before the law under part 1 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Murder”), the … Read more