Scientific instructor of the Vilfand Hydrometeorological Center: “July weather” will return to the southern regions of Russia

In the regions located in the south of Russia, it will warm up to 25-30 degrees in the coming days. Such figures usually occur in July or August, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center. According to him, abnormal heat will be established in the continental regions of the Krasnodar Territory. “Every day … Read more

Canadian Foreign Office statements on JV turbines refer to July approval

The words of the Canadian Foreign Minister that Germany will be given the remaining five turbines for the Nord Stream relate to the resolution adopted in July. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the turbine manufacturer Siemens Energy. .

Annual inflation in Austria in July was the highest in 47 years – 9.3 percent

VIENNA, 18 Aug – Annual inflation in Austria in July was the highest since February 1975 – 9.3%, according to preliminary data from the federal statistical office Statistik Austria. “In July 2022, the inflation rate rose to 9.3%. This is the highest inflation rate since February 1975,” said Tobias Thomas, CEO of Statistik Austria. He … Read more

Inflation decreased in July in most regions // Infographics

In July, annual inflation in the regions ranged from 3.3% in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to 20% in Ingushetia. Compared to June, it has decreased in most regions, according to information and analytical materials of the Central Bank. The largest decrease (about two percentage points) was recorded in Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region. The growth … Read more

Russia resumed oil supplies to Japan in July

Federal news agency Japan again began to import Russian oil, but the volume of deliveries decreased by 65.4 percent compared to July last year. This is stated in the documentation of the Japanese Ministry of Finance. The volume of natural gas imports also declined over the same period. The decrease was 26.1 percent, according to … Read more

Japan resumed oil imports from Russia in July

Japan started importing oil from Russia again in July. Imports of raw materials in June were brought to zero. The volume of oil purchases decreased by 65% ​​by July 2021, follows from the data of the Ministry of Finance of Japan. In January-July, the indicator decreased by 21.7%. The volume of supplies of liquefied natural … Read more

Global oil production in July hit the highest since the start of the pandemic

MOSCOW, 11 Aug – Global oil production in July rose by 1.4 million bpd versus June to 100.5 million bpd, the highest level since the start of the pandemic, due to the restoration of capacities after repairs in the North Sea, Canada and Kazakhstan, as well as increase in production from Saudi Arabia, according to … Read more