Journalist Meter: Putin announced mobilization at an extremely undesirable moment for Biden

US President Joe Biden did not expect that Russian President Vladimir Putin would announce a partial mobilization on September 21, and also announce referendums in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Croatian journalist Zoran Meter in an article for noted that “Vladimir Putin began to act at an extremely undesirable moment for Biden.” … Read more

French journalist Volton’s statement about Russia’s “fear” of Ukraine angered the French

The author of the material tried to blame Russia and the “autocratic elites” of the countries that formed after the collapse for the conflicts in the post-Soviet territory of the USSR. At the same time, Moscow’s “fear” of the “spread of Ukrainian freedom” allegedly became the reason for the start of a special operation. .

Journalist Pronko announced the amount that Pugacheva gave for a second citizenship

The economic observer recalled that in addition to the Russian passport, Pugacheva has a document from Cyprus. According to Pronko, five years ago, the performer of the composition “Requiem” bought it for $2 million. He called the recent loud statement of the artist an attempt to save his foreign accounts and real estate. .

Journalist Heiskanen spoke about the harsh persecution of children from Russia in Finland Russian-speaking pupils of kindergartens in Finland are subjected to harsh persecution. Kostya Heiskanen, a member of the Union of Free Journalists of the Republic, spoke about cases of Russophobia. The media representative recalled the incidents when cars were damaged to the Russians at the Helsinki airport. However, the oppression of the Russian-speaking population in … Read more

Malkevich about the shelling of the hotel by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a RIA FAN journalist

Vorobyov worked on the border of the Kharkiv region, prepared reports, saw the real state of affairs and told the truth, which was inconvenient for the Kyiv regime, Malkevich noted. .