Daily Mail readers criticize Johnson for ‘hard times’ article

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail on August 28 criticized an article by outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in which he predicted “hard times” for the country and huge electricity bills. One commenter recalled Johnson’s words about a “golden age” for the UK thanks to Brexit. “Yes, this is the same liar, clown … Read more

Johnson promises British energy aid: ‘We help people through the crisis’

– After France, the British government is also promising households additional financial support due to the high price of energy. Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this in a guest article in the Mail on Sunday newspaper. “Next month, whoever takes over from me, we will announce another huge financial support package,” Johnson wrote, blaming … Read more

The British reacted negatively to Johnson’s call on Ukraine

Some DM readers concluded that Johnson was aiming for the Nobel Peace Prize with such loud statements, and called him an “arrogant narcissist”. Commentators have also pointed out that the conflict in Ukraine has nothing to do with Britain and its people. .

Advance: Britain wants to weaken the EU with the help of the Ukrainian crisis

pxhere.com Great Britain wants the European Union to lose during the Ukrainian crisis, as it is not interested in a strong Europe. This opinion was shared by the author Antun Rosa in an article for the Croatian edition of Advance. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign in a few days. But while the politician … Read more

The British refused to finance Ukraine out of their own pocket after Johnson’s call

Ian Davidson/Keystone Press Agency/Globalookpress Boris Johnson, who has resigned as British prime minister, considers support for Ukraine by local taxpayers “vital”. Twitter users expressed their opinion on this matter. Some commentators urged not to count on their help in supporting the Kyiv regime. And all the funds transferred to Ukraine, the British call a way … Read more