The Izvestia military correspondent showed footage of the work of the anti-tank systems on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Gorlovka

The Russian military continues to push the enemy near Gorlovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). The correspondent of the Izvestia TV channel Alexander Safiulin on October 2 showed footage of the work of the mobile calculation of the anti-tank missile system (ATGM) in this direction. A signal was received from the infantry that they … Read more

Izvestia: there are several ways to recognize a hacked smartphone Attackers are increasingly hacking Russian smartphones to steal money or personal data. The newspaper “Izvestia” listed the ways in which you can recognize the hacking of the device. Synergy Academy teacher, Product Lead at Skolkovo, said that hacked gadgets are changing their “behavior”. Randomly turns on and off Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and other functions. … Read more

The military correspondent of Izvestia showed the “Road of Life” from the Kharkov region

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Correspondents of “Izvestia” talked with the participants of the referendum in the LPR

In the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), the referendum was held in a difficult environment. The line of contact is located near the borders of the republic, and many cities are under rocket and artillery strikes. Stakhanov, Starobelsk, Svatovo, Alchevsk, Nizhnyaya Duvanka, Severodonetsk and a number of other cities and towns were shelled. So, in Rubizhnoye … Read more

Correspondents of Izvestia spoke about voting in the villages of the LPR

In the Lugansk People’s Republic, a five-day vote continues as part of the referendum on joining Russia in small towns and villages. Izvestia correspondents visited the recently liberated Novotoshkovsky and Orekhovo. In the village of Novotoshkovskoye, there are no whole houses left. At the entrance to it is a burned-out armored vehicle. “Now we have … Read more

Izvestia correspondent visited the positions of the DPR military during the referendum

Voting in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is taking place amid ongoing hostilities. At the front there are tens of thousands of local servicemen who brought the referendum closer with weapons in their hands. Many of them have been fighting since 2014, others joined the People’s Militia with the start of the SVO on mobilization. … Read more

Military correspondent of Izvestia attended a referendum in front-line Severodonetsk

Since 2014, Severodonetsk has been the administrative center of the part of the Lugansk region that remained under the control of Ukraine. For this reason, the armed formations of Ukraine (VFU) defended it for a long time and stubbornly. The city was liberated in July, and during the fighting it was heavily destroyed, Izvestia’s military … Read more

Izvestia: Russian winemakers will double production In Russia, wine production is expected to double in the next few years. Details with the publication “Izvestia” were shared by representatives of the FSRO “Association of winegrowers and winemakers”. According to experts, at present the demand for domestic drinks is constantly growing. In this regard, the area of ​​vineyards in Russia is also … Read more

Izvestia showed a drone that corrected fire on Donetsk

Artillerymen of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) shot down a Ukrainian-made Fury drone on the day of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) attack on the Donetsk market. On Sunday, September 25, informs the correspondent “Izvestia” Semyon Eremin. “The team came in, went to work. When we worked in this sector, we noticed this flying bird. … Read more