the mother of the girl who died under the garbage truck in Istra forgave the driver

Recall that the tragedy occurred on September 1. The girl, along with her older sister, began to cross the road in the wrong place when they ended up in a blind spot and fell under the wheels of a garbage truck. The baby died right at the scene of the accident. Her sister was hospitalized … Read more

The mother of the girl who died in Istra under the truck does not blame anyone for what happened

According to the online publication Daily Moscow, a woman can hardly bear the severity of the loss. However, the mother who lost her child admitted that she was not looking for those responsible for the incident and did not blame anyone for the death of the child. .

Garbage truck driver knocked down to death a three-year-old girl in Istra near Moscow

In Istra, near Moscow, a fatal accident occurred: a garbage truck crushed a three-year-old girl to death. Also under the wheels of the car was the elder sister of the deceased, who was taken to the hospital with injuries. REN TV told about it. .

Two helicopters sent to put out a fire at a warehouse in Istra

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Farmer Sirota from Istra spoke about the old goat Biden An old goat named Biden appeared in the village of Dubrovskoye, Moscow Region, on the territory of the Istra cheese factory. It is reported by the online edition “Podmoskovye Segodnya”. The famous Russian cheese maker Oleg Sirota decided to name the old goat Biden. He noted that the pet appeared on his farm just … Read more

Over 5.5 cubic meters collected for recycling by Istra volunteers Istra volunteers last Saturday at the Megabak site organized an environmental campaign for the separate collection of household waste. According to the Istra Segodnya portal, 35 people took part in the environmental action. Volunteers collected more than 0.5 cubic meters of various metal, more than 1 cubic meter of cardboard and paper, about 1 … Read more

A festive concert was organized in Istra for labor workers / Administration of the city district of Istra The head of the city district of Istra Tatyana Virtusheva congratulated the labor workers on the holiday. Employees of manufacturing enterprises and their managers were presented with letters of thanks and gifts. Virtusheva thanked the participants of the event for their contribution to the well-being and … Read more

One of the accused in the murder of a cashier near Istra refused to confess

One of the four accused in the attack on the Pyaterochka store in Istra, near Moscow, said he was retracting his confession. This was announced on Saturday, February 12, a source in law enforcement. “One of the defendants, Zafar Khudoykulov, initially pleaded guilty. However, he later retracted his confession,” the source said in an interview … Read more