In Finland, they confirmed that they are studying the issue of erecting a fence on the border with the Russian Federation

According to Haavisto, despite the fact that now everything is calm on the Russian-Finnish border, the construction of a fence would help protect the country’s territory. “We in Finland are debating with the border authorities whether such investments in certain areas of the border would be profitable,” the minister said. At the same time, Haavisto … Read more

The identity of the character “Trigger” was revealed in the new issue of the show “Fantastic”

“Trigger” scored the lowest number of points according to the results of the release. Behind him was the singer Ivan Agafonov, better known under the pseudonym Iv Nabiev. The little-known artist was the winner of the Voice show. The artist noted that he was pleased to be the first to be revealed in the show. … Read more

Peskov: The issue of the status of new regions will be decided in the future

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the issue of the administrative organization of the new territories of Russia will be resolved in the future. “I don’t know what kind of administrative organization it will be… This is a question of the future,” Peskov said in response to … Read more

The European Commission plans to resolve the issue of the “ceiling” of gas prices on September 28 The European Commission planned on Wednesday, September 28, to discuss the possibility of introducing a ceiling on the cost of natural gas, Bloomberg reports. The meeting of the European Commission has been scheduled for a long time on September 28 in order to reduce volatility and increase trading volumes in the energy markets. It … Read more

Vaenga shed a tear, and Kornelyuk struggled with the choice in the new issue of “Voice 60+”

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov The next release of the musical show “Voice 60+”, aired on Channel One on September 25, was full of events. The blind auditions round ended this week, with each coach having a team of five. The jury of the project included Valery Syutkin, Alexander Malinin, Igor Kornelyuk and Elena … Read more

China warns US against meddling in Taiwan issue

The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair, and the American side has no right to interfere in it. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on September 23. “In order to truly guarantee peace in the Taiwan Strait, we must resolutely oppose and … Read more

Hungary will continue to issue Schengen visas to Russians Hungary will continue to issue Schengen visas to Russians. This was announced by the country’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. Budapest also does not agree to the imposition of EU sanctions against Russia in the nuclear and energy sectors. He made such a statement against the backdrop of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions being … Read more

Fraudsters began to send SMS with a proposal to resolve the issue with the army

The Russians began to receive SMS messages with a proposal to “settle the issue” with the army, Izvestia was told on September 23 at Pro32, a cybersecurity company. “The deception is based on the version of connections with the military registration and enlistment office or guarantees of professional legal assistance. If the victim believed the … Read more

the issue of supporting Kyiv does not depend on the citizens of Europe, but on its elites

According to the expert, then politicians can finally deal with the problems of the ordinary population, which will lead to a refusal to cooperate with Kyiv and will allow Russia to put an end to this hotbed of fascism in a short time. As for the European Union itself, the winter will be very difficult … Read more