AI will be put on download // It is proposed to help import substitution by copying from foreign repositories

Russia, not being a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, continues to depend on foreign developments, so under the conditions of sanctions, the issue of import substitution in this area is very acute, experts from the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) and the NTI Competence Center for Storage and Analysis Technologies note big data MSU. … Read more

The ECB assessed the impact of sanctions on Russian imports // Foreign Trade Monitoring

A new edition of the Economic Bulletin of the European Central Bank (ECB) analyzes changes in trade supplies from Russia since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. Energy and agri-food flows are tracked by ECB analysts using data on shipping and gas supplies, imports to Russia are summarized based on statistics from … Read more

One seventh of the global recession // The IMF again worsened the forecast for global GDP growth

Global GDP growth in 2022, amid the continued effects of the pandemic and the continuation of the crisis in Ukraine, will slow to 3.2%, according to the new International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook, which is now 0.4 percentage points lower than the April forecast. The implementation of the negative scenario, which includes a … Read more

You can’t get away from personal income tax // Russians working from abroad will be taxed

The Ministry of Finance has not forgotten about the citizens who left the Russian Federation, but continue to work for Russian companies. Now, after six months of staying in another country, such employees lose their tax resident status in the Russian Federation and are exempted from paying income tax on the salary they receive, since … Read more

There is something to work on // Anastasia Manuylova on the prospects for simplification of Russian unemployment

For several months now, the Russian economy has existed in a new reality, where financial ties and supply chains have been disrupted, and sanctions have been imposed on various industries, but the Russian labor market seems to exist in its reality and, as relatively standard data on its activity show, is changing towards opposite to … Read more

Diagnosis of wage differences // Even in feminized sectors of the economy, men are paid more

In a number of countries around the world, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the largest difference in wages between men and women is observed in such sectors of the economy as health care and social services – although women occupy the majority of jobs in them (67%). On average, the gender wage gap … Read more

Galloping gallon // The US is looking for ways to reduce gasoline prices

The US authorities are trying to get the largest oil refiners to reduce fuel prices, which have reached a record level in history. The potential intrigue is whether the authorities will threaten to impose an embargo on the export of petroleum products from the country: US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm allowed this option this week. … Read more

Who wrapped the world in barbed wire // Infographics

On June 25, 1867, Lucien Smith of Ohio received a patent for a steel wire fence. Barbed wire, originally conceived as a fence for livestock, gradually gained wide civilian – and even wider military – use. It can be used as an instrument of torture and is depicted on the emblem of one of the … Read more