demonstrations in Iran will not lead to a change of power in the republic

The diplomat admitted that the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsy Amini became a tragedy. However, he noticed that similar situations occur all over the planet. Abdollahian stressed that there would be no change in the ruling regime in his country, and urged not to play “on the emotions of the Iranian people.” .

Iran says the US is trying to use the unrest to weaken the country

Tehran has accused the United States of using the unrest to try to destabilize the country. Iran is facing its biggest demonstrations since 2019. They were provoked by the death of 22-year-old Kurdish girl Mahsa Amini on September 16 after she was detained by the vice police, Reuters reports. Women played a prominent role in … Read more

expert Demidov named scenarios for Russia and the West in case of stopping oil supplies by Moscow

– For these sanctions to come into force, it is really necessary to put political pressure on many countries. Firstly, there are such strong states as China, India, which have their own political and economic interests, and that is why they are not eager to join these sanctions – to the upper limit of prices … Read more

Iranian President Raisi calls for an investigation into the death of a Kurdish woman amid growing protests

Global Look Press / Lev Radin / Keystone Press Agency New York, September 23rd. President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi declared that the death of a Kurdish woman Mahsy Amini during her stay in the custody of the vice police must be investigated. His words are quoted by The Guardian. At a press conference on the … Read more

Trigger: political scientist Gevorgyan revealed the true reasons for the protests in Iran

Federal News Agency / Global Look Press / Rouzbeh Fouladi /; Iranian Supreme Leader’S Office/Keystone Press Agency; / Sonia Sevilla/ CC BY-SA 3.0 The demonstrations currently taking place in Iran have no internal leaders and are likely to be “inflated” from outside. About this international edition FAN political scientist and orientalist said Karine … Read more

The General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces announced joint military exercises with Russia and China

Jerzy Dabrowski/ Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri announced plans to hold joint naval exercises with Russia and China in the fall of 2022, writes Mehr News. According to him, large-scale maneuvers will take place in the northern part of the Indian Ocean. It is noted that Pakistan, Oman and some other countries will also … Read more