Stock market blog: worries about ‘pain’ for the economy makes investors wary

Futures for stock exchanges in the Netherlands and the United States are in the red. The Federal Reserve’s warning that ‘pain’ will hit the economy for some time, and interest rate hikes are needed, is affecting sentiment worldwide. Can’t read the fair blog? Use this link.

Stock market outlook: investors rate on macro data

The stock markets have left the quarterly figures wave behind them. This week, however, some macroeconomic data is on the agenda. In addition, it is questionable whether investors will respond to the speech by Fed boss Jerome Powell last Friday afternoon: the Dow Jones index closed with a 1000 point loss. Copy to clipboard

Purchasing power contraction affects investors: less money to invest in the stock market

For the first time in years, private individuals have less money left to put on the stock exchange. The share of investors who always have some salary left over at the end of the month to invest in shares has been stable for years at around 50%, but has fallen to just above 40% due … Read more