Mishustin approved a new procedure for concluding investment protection agreements

Kremlin Pool/Global Look Press Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a document approving a new procedure for concluding agreements to protect and encourage investment. The Cabinet of Ministers believes that the appropriate mechanism will help to carry out the process of restarting the investment cycle. Now representatives of the business environment will be able to … Read more

The total amount of Russian-Chinese investment projects amounted to $160 billion

Russia and China are closely cooperating in the direction of capital investments. The total amount of all investment projects between the countries is about $160 billion, director of the First Asian Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Georgy Zinoviev said in an interview for RIA Novosti. .

Prigozhin on why Smolny leaves large-scale investment projects behind

In an interview with Nevsky News, the businessman gave a specific example of the described process. So, Smolny “rejected” the promising project “Gorskaya”, which was planned to be implemented by the company “Megaline”. The same fate awaited the concept of creating transport hubs. .

Investment idea // A new player may appear in the top three market leaders

The third turkey producer in Russia, the Gafuri Bashkir Poultry Complex (BPC), put up for auction, may go to an unexpected buyer. The winner of the auction with a price of over 3.3 billion rubles. became a structure associated with the Don Agro agricultural holding of the former top manager of the MDM group, Yevgeny … Read more

Everyday life of adaptation // Imports are stabilizing, but it is not known what will be missing

Russian mirror import statistics show a summer slowdown in the decline in equipment supplies to the country. With a slowdown in investment in the economy, this can be explained by the activity of small and medium-sized companies, including those stimulated by the state. All this, however, does not guarantee that by winter the problems in … Read more

Deliverymen calculate the assembly // Growth of e-grocery slowed down

The e-grocery segment — food delivery from stores and dark stores — grew by almost 70% year-on-year in the second quarter of the year. But compared to January-March, the market saw a drop of almost 20% in monetary terms. Market participants explain this by seasonality and a decrease in investments by segment players. Experts note … Read more

Let’s eat our own // The Ministry of Economy expects stabilization from the budget, recession from GDP, and reduction from imports

The macro-parameters of scenario conditions for economic development developed by the Ministry of Economy are being discussed in the government. They were first created in the logic of the new version of the budget rules, which assume stable exports at just under $500 billion a year, the agency, in line with expectations of a two-year … Read more