The Investigative Committee began an investigation into the death in a fire of a 62-year-old resident of the Saratov region

The fire engulfed a house in the village of Kurilovka. Neighbors were the first to tell rescuers about it. Firefighters quickly arrived and extinguished the flames. When examining the house, they found the body of a 62-year-old man. The version about the furnace malfunction is considered as the main one. .

The Investigative Committee will check the version of threats against the shot Muscovite by her ex-husband / Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Investigators have begun to check the version of the threats that were received against a woman whose body was found in the back seat of a car near a church in Moscow. It is known that 30-year-old Victoria K. called home the night before and said that … Read more

Investigative Committee opened a case on the death of people in a gas explosion in the Nizhnevartovsk five-story building

A powerful gas explosion occurred in Nizhnevartovsk, several people were killed. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article on causing death by negligence, which resulted in the death of two people. It should be noted that according to TASS, five citizens became victims of the tragedy. The Ministry of Emergency Situations said … Read more

The Investigative Committee opened a case on the fact of the murder of a 30-year-old Muscovite in a car on Veshnyakovskaya

Law enforcers said that the body of the deceased lay in a parked car. Investigators recorded a gunshot wound on the body. They began checking information about alleged threats to the victim from her ex-husband. .

The head of the Investigative Committee Bastrykin took control of the case of the death of a policeman in the Stavropol Territory

The Moscow police patrol officer died in the village of Staroizobilnaya, having received severe bodily injuries under circumstances not related to the performance of official duties. On this fact, the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the region opened a criminal case. “However, the relatives of the victim express dissatisfaction … Read more

In Yekaterinburg, the Investigative Committee opened a case against a kindergarten teacher who beat a child

Information about a kindergarten pupil who was beaten by an employee of the institution was published on the Web on November 29. In the kindergarten itself, such data has not yet been commented on. The mother of the beaten child does not rule out that the culprit of the incident is a female teacher. She … Read more

The Investigative Committee will check reports about the execution of the head of the pre-trial detention center in Kherson by the SBU

“The Investigative Committee of Russia will establish all the circumstances of the incident, the actions of the persons involved in the crimes will be given a legal assessment,” the report says. The Investigative Committee will also check reports that in the village of Belozerka and the vicinity of Kherson, Ukrainian nationalists rob the houses of … Read more

The Investigative Committee asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to transfer the case of a fatal accident on Svoboda Street in Moscow

The accident occurred on Svoboda Street on the evening of November 27th. It is preliminary established that the 37-year-old driver of Kia Rio lost control, drove onto the sidewalk and hit a woman with two children. .

The Investigative Committee and the prosecutor’s office began an investigation into the death of Govorukhin’s wife in New Moscow

Recall that today, November 25, in the village of Krekshino in New Moscow, a one-story residential building caught fire. As a result of the fire, the wife of the Soviet and Russian director Stanislav Govorukhin died. .