Russia may respond with a reduction in oil production to the introduction of a ceiling on prices for raw materials

Kevin Book, managing director of analyst firm ClearView Energy Partners, stressed that even a 50% reduction in oil production could immediately put pressure on markets. At the same time, Russia is also able to stop the export of crude oil through the Druzhba pipeline. .

Analyst Frolov explained the benefits of the EU from the introduction of the “ceiling” of oil prices

The analyst noted that the EU countries took into account not only the interests of Western companies, but also set such a “ceiling” for oil prices so that the Russian Federation would make a profit and agree to trade in its raw materials. Russia warned in advance that it would not sell the resource to … Read more

German expert warns EU about Russia’s gain after introduction of oil price ceiling

Russia will only benefit if the European Union (EU) decides to impose a ceiling on oil prices from the Russian Federation, Steffen Bukold, an oil expert from Germany, said on October 3. “As a result of the price cap, refineries outside the EU sanctions zone will buy up every available barrel from Russia due to … Read more

The Ministry of Health of Russia supported the introduction of an excise tax on sweet soda

The ministry also spoke out in support of measures aimed at improving the quality and life expectancy of Russians. In particular, due to the commitment of citizens to proper nutrition, reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. .

The head of the Ministry of Youth of Tatarstan called for the introduction of an age limit for guards in children’s camps

According to Suleymanov, about 30 million rubles have been spent on security in children’s camps this year. In addition, the official added that already in 2023, the department, together with the Russian Guard, will step up work in this area even more vigorously. .

The Ministry of Education announced the introduction of a new compulsory discipline for high school students

NEVA NEWS | Kirill Kontorshchikov The section “Financial literacy” will be mandatory for teaching in the senior classes of general education schools. It is expected that it will become part of the course on “Social Science”, the Ministry of Education reported. This discipline will provide students with knowledge about the financial market and technology, the … Read more

Energy ministers of 15 EU countries supported the introduction of a gas price ceiling

According to the document that appeared, the price limit for blue fuel “should not be limited to imports from certain countries.” This initiative was supported by representatives of Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, as well as the ministers of ten more states. .

Viacheslav Volodin explained the reasons for the introduction of partial mobilization in Russia

Global Look Press | State Duma Russia/ Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of partial mobilization in the country. Why the authorities took this step, spoke the speaker of the lower house of parliament Vyacheslav Volodin. The deputy recalled that both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance … Read more

US Secretary of State Blinken spoke about the introduction of partial mobilization in Russia

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of partial mobilization in the country. The Kremlin, commenting on the decision of the head of state, said that now Russian troops have to confront not only the Ukrainian army, but also NATO forces. .