Russians are less likely to complain about the quality of meat and vegetables

Russians have become less likely to complain about the quality of meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, and order groceries online more often. This is evidenced by the results of a sociological study in 2022, conducted by the Center for the Study of Consumer Behavior (CIPP) of Roskachestvo and the research company Online Market Intelligence … Read more

about 50% of companies in Russia are going to give New Year’s sets to the children of employees

The survey participants were 1,000 HR managers from all Russian districts. About 17% of companies are going to give gifts to their employees. At the same time, 49% of organizations plan to give New Year’s sets to the children of employees, 21% of enterprises intend to please both of them. .

Interview with Vladimir Tkachev

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The survey showed how Ukrainian restaurants and cafes suffered due to blackouts Blackouts that are observed in Ukraine have affected the work of cafes and restaurants. The catering establishments of Zhytomyr and Odessa regions had the hardest time. It is in these regions of the country that most cafes and restaurants have stopped working. From 3% to 5% of establishments were closed there, according to a … Read more

the British blame the authorities for all the troubles more than the inhabitants of other countries

According to the study, 84% of Britons expressed the opinion that the increase in the cost of living is largely due to the policies of the local government. This was the highest figure among all the countries where the polls are taking place. .

Tina Kandelaki commented on the scandalous interview of the group Little Big

Kandelaki refused to criticize the Little Big soloists, who repeatedly condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine in interviews. She only emphasized that the artists should not have talked about their homeland and compatriots like that. .

The Russians have listed modern words that openly infuriate them Well-known Russians named modern words, the use of which frankly infuriates them. The general director of Mosfilm, Karen Shakhnazarov, admitted that he did not like the words “minimarket” and “creative”. After all, they have Russian counterparts. And director Sergei Ursulyak does not like words denoting exclamations, for example, “wow”. HSE School of Philology Professor … Read more