Xi Jinping says other countries have no right to interfere in Taiwan issue

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that no country in the world has the right to act as a judge on the Taiwan issue. The Chinese leader said this on September 15 during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand. “China strongly opposes separatist … Read more

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Kyiv of trying to interfere with the visit of the IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

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sociologist Klyuev on the struggle of the NEO with the motorists of St. Petersburg, who interfere with the removal of garbage

While the Doctor of Philosophy believes that a clear organization of the process of removing household waste will help to avoid dissatisfaction with the work of the garbage operator in the future, the NEO says that it is trying to find compromises. According to the regional operator, they even ask the management companies, if it … Read more

Surprises of “Dakar” did not interfere with the leadership of the “KAMAZ-master” team

The KAMAZ-master team is out of competition at the Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. Even the last of the Russian pilots is two and a half minutes ahead of the nearest rival. Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. The rider of the KAMAZ-master team Andrey Karginov won the second stage of the raid, the first four … Read more

FAS took up arms against speculators // The service asks to simplify its price control of the markets

The FAS proposed to tighten control over prices – in cases of “unreasonable” price growth, the service asks for the authority until 2024 to hold businesses accountable for collusion under a simplified scheme. De facto, this will help the state to quickly intervene in price regulation and smooth out peaks in the face of sanctions … Read more

Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for June 20-24 // Opinions and forecasts of analysts on how the ruble will behave

The ruble finished the last week with a slight strengthening of its positions against foreign currencies. As a result of Friday’s trading, the dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Exchange amounted to 56.41 rubles / $, which is only 40 kopecks. lower than last week’s close. A stronger depreciation is hampered by the steps taken … Read more

Developers arrived at Apraksin Dvor // Instead of a market, offices and a hotel may appear here

GloraX Andrey Birzhin reached preliminary agreements with the authorities of St. Petersburg on the reconstruction of Apraksin Dvor, which occupies 172 thousand square meters. m in the city center. A partner in a project worth 50 billion rubles. will be a local developer – the concern “Piter” Nikolai Ponomarev. The site can be converted into … Read more

“Oh,” times // Special accounts interfere with royalties abroad

As Kommersant found out, banks refuse music labels and publishing houses to conduct royalties to foreign copyright holders. The mechanism for using special O-type accounts, introduced as a protection against sanctions from foreign companies, now even works against transfers between structures of one company. Experts note that banks do not yet want to take responsibility … Read more