Reduce to single digits // Falling inflation with a strong ruble and a reduction in income turned out to be not affordable for everyone

The Bank of Russia lowered the key rate to the pre-war level – to 9.5%. At the same time, the government canceled the mandatory sale of foreign exchange earnings by exporters, introduced on February 28. Without taking into account sanctions restrictions, the operation of financial markets within the Russian Federation is now freer than at … Read more

The bottom of the fall is not yet visible // Monitoring of the conjuncture

In May 2022, the composite leading index (SRI, an indicator of economic activity calculated by the HSE Development Center) was minus 1.2%. For the second month in a row, its value is in the negative area. In May, however, a weak growth of the indicator was recorded after the April failure (see chart). The main … Read more

Travel-Restricted Shares // Foreign Securities Delayed in NSD

Foreign securities of the former clients of the sanctioned banks were blocked in the accounts of NSD. Transactions within the depository can still be made, although only in negotiation mode. But it is impossible to sell shares to an outside investor or transfer them to the SPB Exchange depository. The securities can be transferred if … Read more

How did the government take over construction?

The restructuring of the public investment management system began back in 2020 – against the background of the annual criticism of the effectiveness of FTIP related to the development of budgetary funds and the appearance of “unfinished construction”, Mikhail Mishustin instructed to create a “clear vertical” of management in the industry. The first step in … Read more

Oil in exchange for uncertainty // Foreign trade conditions are still lining up in favor of the strengthening of the ruble

The Institute of International Finance (IIF) in its latest review of the world economy predicted an increase in the current account balance of Russia’s balance of payments to $200-240 billion in 2022. This is twice as much as a year ago: high commodity prices and a drop in domestic demand, which will provoke a collapse … Read more

The country wants to heal

The reduction in the number of available foreign destinations and pent-up demand from older tourists have led to an increase in demand for spa holidays in the country. Sales in some properties in March exceeded 2019 figures. Against this background, popular health resorts increase the cost of accommodation by 10–15%. .

What, according to the market, threatens the rejection of stock indices

The RSPP expressed concerns about the possible rejection of stock indices when calculating prices in the Russian economy. State Secretary – Vice President of the RSPP for Legal Regulation and Law Enforcement Alexander Varvarin notes that in recent years the Russian market has become part of the world market, a single pricing system has been … Read more

FAS proposes to ban foreign exchange contracts within Russia

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has developed a draft law on the prohibition of setting the contract price in terms of foreign currency, RBC reports with reference to the department and an explanatory note to the document. The publication notes that this may lead to the need for full prepayment of goods and the rejection of … Read more