Participation in the Comedy Club show ended for Karina Cross with hospitalization

The singer showed a swollen and bandaged leg. After the examination, it turned out that the fall on the set of the Comedy Club ended for Karina Cross with a closed fracture. Ahead of the girl a lot of filming and work. How she will cope with everything, one can only guess. .

A Vietnamese woman who swallowed a “stone from all diseases” was taken to the hospital

A Vietnamese woman swallowed a “stone for all diseases” to recover from a cough, but ended up in the hospital. Local doctors performed an operation and removed a potentially dangerous object from the esophagus of a 70-year-old citizen, writes VN Express. .

Doctors saved a man who miraculously survived a fall from the roof of a house in the Sverdlovsk region

The incident took place in the city of Kushva. According to the worker, during the repair of the roof, he was distracted, unfastened the safety cable and fell. As a result, the man was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral injury, chest contusion, concussion and multiple fractures. .

Russian insurers called fractures and bruises the most common “winter” injuries Fractures and bruises are traditional “winter” injuries in Russia. This was indicated by the results of a study conducted by specialists from AlfaStrakhovanie, the newspaper Gazeta.Ru reports. Experts say that the number of fractures increases significantly from November, when the first snow falls and frosts set in. In December, this type of injury accounts … Read more

Woman hit by 17-year-old driver in Moscow dies of injuries in hospital

Prt Scr Telegram channel Moscow Prosecutor’s Office A Muscovite, hit by a 17-year-old teenager driving a Toyota Corolla, died in the hospital from her injuries. According to updated data, the deceased was 22 years old, the Moscow prosecutor’s office reports in its Telegram channel. According to the agency, the actions of an underage driver are … Read more

Brazil star Neymar risks missing remaining World Cup matches due to ankle injury

Brazilian leader Neymar was injured in the first round match of the group stage of the World Cup against the team of Serbia. Against the background of damage, the striker’s further participation in the tournament is in doubt, reports .

A ten-year-old girl was injured during the shelling of the city of Alyoshka near Kherson by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Federal news agency Ukrainian nationalists attacked the city of Alyoshki in the Kherson region. One of the shells flew into a residential building, as a result of which a ten-year-old girl was injured. This was reported in the press service of the National Guard. According to the department, the shelling began when the schoolgirl was … Read more