Lavrov informed the Arab League delegation about the genesis of the crisis around Ukraine

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Putin informed the CSTO about the steps to resolve the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin informed the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization about Russian steps aimed at resolving the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This was reported by the CSTO Secretariat. .

Residents of Russia were informed about a sharp drop in prices for a number of products since August 29

In addition to nuggets, pancakes with meat, chebupels, dumplings, fish sticks, meatballs and puff pastry will become cheaper. The fall in prices for dumplings will not bypass. For example, a package of the Siberian Collection will cost 250 rubles. .

Far Eastern construction projects expand support // The government will extend a single subsidy for the macroregion

On Tuesday, August 16, the head of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, Alexei Chekunkov, announced plans to extend the single subsidy program for the Far East after 2024. So far, this program provides for spending about 120 billion rubles. in 2018–2023. The preliminary results of the launch of the new program … Read more

Russian authorities informed Japanese companies about the transfer of the Sakhalin-2 project Fomine/Russian Look The Russian authorities have officially notified Tokyo of the transfer of the Sakhalin-2 project to a new operator. As reported by the Nikkei, the Japanese companies Saibu Gas Co and Kyushu Electric Power Company, which buy liquefied natural gas, were notified. It is noteworthy that instead of notification, the first company received … Read more

How oil and gas revenues of the budget changed // Infographics

The volume of additional oil and gas revenues associated with rising oil prices in July turned out to be lower than planned by 74.7 billion rubles, the Finance Ministry said. As follows from the materials of the department, the total volume of oil and gas revenues in July amounted to 770.5 billion rubles, which is … Read more

Escaping surplus // Expenses matched revenue in Q2

The federal budget for the first half of 2022 was executed with a surplus of 1.4 trillion rubles, the Finance Ministry said. Almost the entire amount of this “surplus” was accumulated in the first quarter. In the second, against the backdrop of a military operation and new sanctions, revenues were almost equal to expenditures. Oil … Read more

The register of troubled houses will be restarted ahead of schedule

The Ministry of Construction published a draft government decree on the early cancellation of the moratorium calculated before the end of the year on the inclusion of protracted construction projects in the register of troubled houses. To clarify: houses and developers are included in the register in the event of a delay in the completion … Read more

They will blow into the pipe in German // Berlin is considering the nationalization of part of Nord Stream 2

The German Ministry of Economy is considering the possibility of converting part of the Nord Stream 2 gas transportation infrastructure, built by the Russian Gazprom, into a connection with a liquefied natural gas terminal on the coast of the Baltic Sea, German Spiegel said. In particular, the agency is considering the possibility of expropriating part … Read more