Don’t shoot a chess player // It was found out how the Bank of Russia beats the markets: it calculates better

In a series of reports by the Bank of Russia, a publication was published on one of the most interesting topics for the market – about the “surprises” of monetary policy (MP). The conclusions of the authors: the main role in the fact that the signals of the Central Bank are rarely accurately guessed by … Read more

“Aurora” was sent to the Olympic reserve

The Ministry of Sports expects to receive tablets on the Aurora operating system (OS), which were used during the population census, in order to improve the work of coaches, the Ministry of Digital Development reported. The devices can be used for the state information system (GIS), in which data on the results of competitions and … Read more

Phones will light up for subscribers // Security officials and collectors will get access to the system for checking mobile numbers

The Central Bank wants to give access to a unified information system for checking information about subscribers of telecom operators (UIS PSA) not only to banks and payment systems, but also to security officials and collectors. The relevant amendments to the second reading of the bill on the creation of the system of the Central … Read more

Cyber ​​risk managers // Companies urgently train information security top management

Demand for information security (IS) courses for executives has skyrocketed in companies, organizations providing such services say. In their opinion, this is due to the presidential decree signed on May 1, according to which the responsibility for cybersecurity lies with the deputy heads of enterprises. Usually managers of this level are responsible for several different … Read more

Putin proposed to create a state information security system

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia needs to strengthen information security by creating a new state system in this area. He cited the experience of foreign armies as an example, where, according to his data, “cyber troops” have been operating for a long time. “, – Mr. Putin said during today’s meeting of the … Read more

You have a letter // Yulia Poslavskaya about the Central Bank’s fight against data leaks

The FinCERT information message sent out by the Bank of Russia last week led market participants to some bewilderment. The regulator notified that “in one of the Telegram channels” information about possibly compromised customer data was published, and sent a link to this channel. The Central Bank asked the banks to check the presence of … Read more

Distracting maneuver: what was the informational provocation in Bucha

The footage from the locality of Bucha, located just north of Kyiv, shocked the whole world. However, the expert noted, everything points to a carefully orchestrated provocation by the Ukrainian special services, which sought to demonstrate the alleged war crimes of the Russian army. According to him, this is “a purely informational story created by … Read more

The 3D model was not built right away // The Ministry of Construction is ready to postpone the mandatory transition of state construction projects to digital for a year

Mandatory digitalization of state construction sites may be delayed for a year. The Ministry of Construction plans until March 2023 to allow the use of 3D modeling of objects under construction at the budget expense as an option – in connection with the departure of large suppliers of specialized software from the Russian market. This … Read more

Software failure // FSTEC deprives foreign software of certificates

The Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) will revoke the certificates of more than 50 products of foreign developers who have stopped working in Russia if they do not guarantee technical support for their solutions within 90 days. Although some vendors have said they will continue to support existing systems, the decision to … Read more