Several EU countries have proposed the idea of ​​a “dynamic price corridor” for gas

The meeting of the leaders of the European Political Community takes place on October 6 in Prague. Not only the leaders of the EU countries, but also representatives of the Western Balkans, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Great Britain, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan can take part in it. .

the strengthening of the dollar will create big economic problems in a number of countries

According to him, this is due to the fact that the vast majority of commodity prices in the world are expressed in dollars, so the strengthening of the US currency makes raw materials more expensive for all countries except the States. A strong dollar leads to an increase in inflation, mainly in energy and food … Read more

OPEC+ deal to cut production could send US inflation higher

According to him, the danger from the deal to reduce oil production is a threat to the Democratic Party. This move by OPEC+ will raise the cost of raw materials. If prices rise, then fuel will rise in price in the US, since there is a clear correlation between indicators in foreign markets and levels … Read more

Annual inflation slowed down in Russia

In Russia, annual inflation slowed down to 13.49% on October 3, from 13.71% a week earlier © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov / Go to mediabankBanknotes and coins of Russia © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov Go to mediabank Banknotes and coins of Russia. Archive photo MOSCOW, October 5 – RIA Novosti. Inflation in Russia … Read more

Inflation figures in Russia for the last week became known

Last week, inflation in Russia amounted to 0.07%. Consumer prices have reached 10.4% since the beginning of the year. Eggs (+1.53%), tomatoes (+5.7%), cucumbers (+3.9%) went up the most in Russia. Boiled sausages and sausages showed a slight increase to 0.38%. The cost of buckwheat, sugar and millet, on the contrary, decreased by 2.15%, 1.42% … Read more