Russian doctors have identified more than 40 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection per day

According to statistics, over the past day, Russian doctors have identified 40,188 new cases of coronavirus infection, 1,526 patients needed hospitalization. It is noted that most cases were recorded in Moscow. 44,257 people have fully recovered, 85 Russians have become victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. .

Russian operational headquarters reveals 53,457 new cases of coronavirus infection Specialists of the operational headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection have published up-to-date data on COVID-19 in Russia. According to doctors, 53,457 COVID-19 infections were detected in the country over the past day. 57,019 people have fully recovered from the dangerous disease. 3719 Russians needed medical assistance. Doctors recorded the death of … Read more

Immunologist Yartseva explained why complications are dangerous due to the acute respiratory viral infection transferred “on the legs” The patient runs the risk of complications if he suffers seasonal infections “on his feet”. This opinion was voiced by the therapist, immunologist Irina Yartseva. According to the expert, immunity in such a situation is forced to be distracted by the need for a person to do business, go to work or meetings. This … Read more