The industry continues to lose imports // Monitoring of the market situation

The new issue of the Gaidar Institute’s (IEP) bulletin of market surveys published the results of a study of the provision of industrialists with raw materials, materials and components. As it turned out, in July, this provision from Russian suppliers increased to 79% – up to the average level of previous years. The supply of … Read more

Industry sentiment confuses analysts // Monitoring of market conditions

In the current issue of the Commentaries on Government and Business bulletin, analysts from the HSE Development Center (CR) examine the results of market surveys by Rosstat of industrialists in June 2022 (see chart). Against the backdrop of a recession in the sector (caused by both supply and demand factors), depletion of stocks and expectations … Read more

Growth in industrial prices returns with falling demand // Monitoring of market conditions

Published by the Gaidar Institute (IEP) Industry Forecasts Index as of July 18 fell below the level of February this year. Earlier, another indicator of the same institute, the Index of Industrial Optimism, updated the low of the current crisis. Decreased optimism in the forecasts of industrialists was registered for all three indicators used in … Read more

The industry is restoring stocks of raw materials and materials // Monitoring of the market situation

June market surveys of industrialists by the Gaidar Institute (IEP) recorded: after estimates of stocks of raw materials and materials in the sector in April collapsed to the crisis levels of 2009 (the share of normal estimates decreased by 22 percentage points), in May the provision of companies with raw materials, materials and components became … Read more

Fish loves silence // Industrialists opposed public auction

The initiative of the Ministry of Finance to transfer up to 25% of Russian fish to exchange trading in order to stabilize the domestic market met with resistance from industry participants. Fishermen argue that it is impossible to form standard lots from fish caught in different areas, its transportation is difficult, and the complication of … Read more

The agricultural sector is not in a hurry to the east // Difficulties in the trade of grain and combines with China have not yet been removed

The reorientation of Russia to the markets of the East and, in particular, the PRC, both in terms of food supplies and in terms of purchasing agricultural equipment, is still facing a number of difficulties, participants in the discussion on the prospects for Russian-Chinese relations in the agro-industrial complex, held by the Russian-Asian Union of … Read more

Industrialists will be supported by digital // AI and big data are prescribed for enterprises

The share of Russian software products at Russian industrial enterprises does not exceed 25% of the number of implemented key technologies. This was announced at a conference on the digitalization of the industrial sector by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Meanwhile, it is precisely by introducing digital data with the simultaneous costly import substitution of already … Read more