Forecaster Mishulovina advised Petersburgers not to wait for Indian summer in October

The meteorologist claims that in the coming days it will begin to rapidly darken rapidly. According to her, in September there were 135 hours of light, and in October this figure will be reduced to 62 hours. In addition, the amount of precipitation will increase significantly. .

US authorities use Indian reservations to bury nuclear waste

Among the Navajo tribe, a quarter of women and a large number of children have high levels of radioactive substances in their bodies, a Chinese official said. He urged the UN to take notice and put pressure on the United States to protect Indian rights. .

The Indian film industry may be a replacement for the departed Hollywood in Russia

Director of Indian Film Company Karen Mirzoyan emphasizes that after more than 20 years, Indian films are gaining popularity in Russia again. The small presence of films from India in the domestic box office is due to the fact that the Russian film market was focused on the US and the UK. .

Putin at a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi noted the growth of trade between the countries

© / Vitaly AnkovRussian and Indian flags SAMARKAND, 16 Sep – The trade turnover between Russia and India is growing, the supply of fertilizers from Russia to this country has increased by more than eight times, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “Commodity turnover is growing, including due to the supply, as you asked for, of … Read more

Forecaster Shuvalov predicted the beginning of Indian summer in Central Russia at the end of September

According to him, the air temperature will return to the climatic norm from September 12. During the day the thermometer will reach +14…+16 degrees. And then the Indian summer will come, the forecaster predicts. .

Indian Minister Puri vows to evaluate G7 call for Russian oil price ceiling

The Minister recalled that the Indian side consumes about 5 million barrels of oil per day. It buys fuel from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. When India increased supplies from Russia, it faced criticism. However, according to Puri, he has no “moral conflict” about this, as he is responsible to his … Read more

The hydrometeorological center promised the citizens of St. Petersburg Indian summer by the end of September

According to the expert, the beginning of September will be noticeably cool. Weather conditions in the first half of the month will be influenced by cyclonic processes, due to which cloudiness with clearings and frequent precipitation will be observed in the Northern capital. .

Forecaster Leus promised Indian summer in the European part of Russia by the third decade of September

According to him, before the long-awaited warmth, the Russians will have to face a sharp cold snap. The entire first half of September in the Central part of Russia will be cool – a couple of degrees below the climatic norm, reports. .