Breakfast menu locked up // Population in October was preparing for crisis consumption

Rosstat statistics record outstripping expectations for GDP growth in January-September 2021, but the intra-annual dynamics of domestic demand is deteriorating against the backdrop of inflation and stabilization of employment growth. The rise in prices, combined with an increase in the share of food in October consumption – the population of the Russian Federation was clearly … Read more

Online commerce has increased the budget // The audience of e-commerce has replenished with poor Russians

In 2021, the share of Russians with low incomes in the online shopping segment increased significantly, Yandex. Market ”and GfK. Analysts attribute this to the growing availability of online commerce. Medicines, dietary supplements and foodstuffs showed a noticeable increase in sales. …

Not quite a male state anymore // Women in the civil service in the Russian Federation rarely grow to the upper floors, but they are paid on an equal basis with men

Despite the record high share of women in public administration – over 70% – it is incorrect to talk about gender equality in the civil service in the Russian Federation. A study by the Center for Advanced Management Decisions (CPMD) of the federal civil service showed the practical absence of direct discrimination against women in … Read more

Emission Challenge // Digital Dollar and Euro Can Win Competition Against Weaker Currencies

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) of developed countries pose a threat to the monetary independence of developing economies, where foreign money is allowed to circulate with a small money supply of its own currency – although usually weak currencies win competition for circulation, while hard currencies are used for savings. Sebastian Edwards, an economist at … Read more

Putin freed families with children from personal income tax when selling housing

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that exempts from paying personal income tax income received by families with two or more children who have sold housing to buy a new one. The document is published on the portal of legal information. To receive such a benefit, a family must meet a number of criteria: … Read more