Medvedev allowed the use of any weapon to protect the territory, including nuclear

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that in order to protect the territories of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, which will join Russia as a result of referendums, not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons on new principles. … Read more

Turnover Adyen continues to grow strongly with the travel industry attracting, including expenditure

The total volume of transactions that payment service provider Adyen processes for its customers continues to grow at a rapid pace. Over the past six months, €345.8 billion in payments went through the platforms of the Amsterdam-based company, which generated a turnover of €608.5 million that grew 37% compared to a year earlier. In the … Read more

Everyday life of adaptation // Imports are stabilizing, but it is not known what will be missing

Russian mirror import statistics show a summer slowdown in the decline in equipment supplies to the country. With a slowdown in investment in the economy, this can be explained by the activity of small and medium-sized companies, including those stimulated by the state. All this, however, does not guarantee that by winter the problems in … Read more

China is losing momentum // Monitoring of the world economy

The main indicators of the Chinese economy in July showed a slowdown in growth after a temporary acceleration in June. Industrial production grew by 3.8% over the year against 3.7% a month earlier, while the figure increased by 0.38% month on month. At the same time, the production of “new energy” cars and solar panels … Read more

The rise in prices for energy carriers and electricity in Europe breaks records // Infographics

According to Eurostat, energy inflation reached 41.1% yoy in July. This is the highest figure since the beginning of observations in 1997. If we take the subcategories, the largest increase in July was shown by gas prices – 51.4% yoy. Since January, this indicator has grown by 10.7 percentage points against the backdrop of a … Read more

The Swiss authorities adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, including the embargo on gold

The Swiss authorities have imposed additional restrictions on Russia as part of the seventh round of European Union (EU) sanctions. The corresponding statement was published on the government website on Wednesday, August 3. “The new measures primarily relate to a ban on the purchase, import or transportation of gold and products from it from Russia. … Read more

State real estate will acquire a fixed price // It is proposed to fix its cadastral value for the entire period of the transaction

A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma, fixing the cadastral value of state or municipal real estate for the period of agreeing on a transaction for its lease or purchase. This norm should become an insurance against a possible increase in the price of objects during this period. For more rare cases … Read more

In Russia, it is necessary to fall for a long time // The Central Bank explained the softness of the recession by the mutual expectation of sellers and buyers

The Bank of Russia has put forward a new explanation for the short-term situation in the Russian economy: according to its economists, we can talk about an “adaptive expectation trap”, in which the protracted GDP decline is explained by the inertia of both consumers and producers. Companies are expecting demand adjustments, consumers are expecting supply … Read more

The eurozone remains in positive territory // The economy of the currency bloc is growing along with inflation

In contrast to the US economy, which shrank in size in the second quarter, the GDP of the euro area countries increased by 0.7% over this period (counting all EU states – by 0.6%). Another key indicator – inflation continued to accelerate, increasing on average across the eurozone in July to a new record – … Read more