Land in exchange for completion

The deputies propose to extend the possibility of granting preferential lease of land plots to developers who are ready to complete the construction of problem houses at their own expense until 2024. This measure, in combination with other incentives, for example, with the ability to sell part of apartments in completed buildings, is used by … Read more

Demand will be supported by incentives // Buyers of domestic IT solutions will be given a discount on income tax

Within the framework of the “second package” of measures to support the IT industry, the government has agreed on new benefits for buyers of domestic software and hardware. All of them relate to income tax – we are talking about the application of a multiplying coefficient to the costs of purchasing Russian solutions in the … Read more

Incentives on a Kerosene Scale // Fuel Subsidies for Airlines to Increase 10-fold

Russian airlines in October for the first time may receive from the budget a significant amount of compensation for the growth of prices for jet fuel – we are talking about about 3.5 billion rubles. This is ten times more than in September. The increase in payments under the damper mechanism for kerosene was caused … Read more

Putin considers digitalization to be one of the drivers of economic growth

Digitalization and clean technologies will be among the main tools to stimulate economic growth, President Vladimir Putin said at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. He called on the SCO member states to “vigorously develop” interaction in all areas affecting the development of the economy. “We consider digitalization and wider use of environmentally friendly technologies … Read more