Nine foreigners arrested in Iran for participating in illegal actions Nine citizens of foreign countries were taken to the Iranian police for participating in riots. This was announced on Friday by the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic. According to the agency, we are talking about citizens of Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries. In total, 49 members of … Read more

Operatives liquidated an illegal casino in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg

An illegal casino was found in a three-room apartment located on Siqueiros Street in the Vyborgsky District. The operatives, together with the police, the National Guard and SOBR seized 27 slot machines and 13 computers equipped for gambling. For trials, two administrators and three clients were brought to the department. .

The Czech Republic regained control on the border with Slovakia due to the flow of illegal immigrants

The Czech authorities reported that illegal emigration has increased by 1200% this year. Basically, the flows of refugees come from Syria. At the same time, they use the Czech Republic as a transit country to get to Germany, the Reuters news agency writes. .

how radical groups in Nigeria enrich themselves from illegal oil production

The smuggling of weapons, drugs and the trade in natural resources on the black market bring enormous income to terrorists. The militants then use the funds received from illegal activities to recruit supporters, buy ammunition, ammunition and equipment. The clearest example of such a formation is the “Islamic State✱ in West Africa” ​​(ISWAP – a … Read more

Illegal miners shoot out with police in South Africa Pretoria, 23 September. South African police found a group of people involved in illegal gold mining in the old mines of Boksburg. During the detention, the criminals resisted the law enforcement officers, after which a shootout began. Provincial Police Representative Gauteng colonel Dimakatso Sello told the details of the special operation: “As they approached … Read more

Omsk bailiffs forced a man to demolish an illegal garage / Press Service of the GUFSSP of Russia for the Moscow Region Employees of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia in the Omsk region have achieved the enforcement of the court decision from a resident of Omsk. As explained in the regional UFSSP, the man refused to comply with the court’s decision on the … Read more

In Kislovodsk, the deputy was suspected of illegal business The Kislovodsk parliamentarian is suspected of committing a crime under the article on illegal business. This was reported on Monday by the Investigative Committee of the Stavropol Territory. According to the investigation, in the period from October 2017 to August 2019, a deputy of the Duma of the city of Kislovodsk carried out entrepreneurial … Read more