Half of Russian air traffic controllers are idle

About 15,000 air traffic controllers in Russia are on “partial downtime,” Sergei Kovalev, president of the Federal Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers (FPAD), said in a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office. Previously, the trade union had already applied to the department, but the Prosecutor General’s Office did not confirm the existence of violations. … Read more

The Government of the Russian Federation will allocate more than 10 billion rubles. to support non-working pensioners in the regions

To support non-working pensioners whose income is below the subsistence level, the government will send more than 10 billion rubles to the regions. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a government meeting today, July 28, a video of his speech was published on the government’s Telegram channel. “Today we will allocate … Read more

YouTube users reported broken comments

Users of video hosting YouTube in Russia report problems with access to comments, according to Brand Analytics data. About the inoperability of comments on the service, according to DownDetector, residents of other countries also report. Kommersant correspondents made sure that only one, the most popular comment on the video is displayed both in applications and … Read more

In Russia, the number of unemployed and idle workers slightly increased over the week

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova presented data on changes in the labor market for the week. From May 30 to June 6, the number of unemployed increased by 608 people, amounting to 687 thousand. The number of idle employees increased by 3.7 thousand, to 135.6 thousand people. As Ms. Golikova said at a … Read more

Expensive fuel puts fishermen in distress: ‘Have been idle for months, waiting for money’

The Dutch fishing fleet is in danger of going under now that the Dutch cabinet has decided that there will be no compensation for the sky-high fuel prices. Despite the fact that Brussels gives permission for extra support and surrounding countries are already helping their sailors, many cutters in the Netherlands have been chained up … Read more

Turchak: about 600,000 people went idle or were at risk of being fired

About 600 thousand people who work in companies that have left Russia have gone idle or are at risk of being fired. In total, about 2 million people are employed in such companies. This was announced by the Secretary of the General Council of the party “United Russia” Andrey Turchak. “Before the start of a … Read more

Vnukovo Airport puts some of its employees on idle

Vnukovo introduces idle mode for some employees, the press service of the Moscow airport told Izvestia. Recruitment of staff is closed, some are offered part-time work. A source for the newspaper said that 30% of employees have been issued redundancy orders, but the press service claims that decisions on reductions have not yet been made. … Read more