USSR Ice Hockey Cup winner Valentin Senyushkin dies at 86

Valentin Senyushkin was born on April 23, 1937 in Moscow. From 1953 to 1965, the striker played for CSKA, and then moved to the Leningrad SKA, in which he played for three years. In addition, he was a member of the youth, first and second national teams of the USSR. .

The University of Houston has created a super-efficient anti-icing coating for aviation

Photo by Eric Masur on Unsplash Scientists at the University of Houston have developed the latest coating for super-efficient aircraft de-icing. The protective properties of the new coating exceed those of analogues by 100 times. Tests have shown that it is capable of protecting aircraft materials more than any other tool in the aerospace industry, … Read more

An attacker robbed an ice cream stall for 50 thousand rubles in Kaspiysk

The seller of a street ice cream stall turned to law enforcement officers. He stated that the offender made his way to the kiosk and took the safe from there. Inside lay 12 thousand rubles. The property of 38 thousand rubles also became the thief’s prey. .

the estimated cost of gas in Europe amounted to more than 2.8 thousand dollars

Futures agreements for the supply of blue fuel in September after this message immediately began to rise in price. On Friday, they increased by almost 8% – above 2.7 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters for the first time since March, but on August 22 in the morning they jumped by 20% and went over … Read more

ICE: gas prices in Europe exceed $2,600 per thousand cubic meters for the first time since early March

low angle view of illuminated tower against sky at night

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — The cost of gas in Europe for the first time since the beginning of spring exceeded $2,600 per thousand cubic meters, according to the London ICE exchange. Fuel prices are rising by almost 13%. At the opening, the price of September futures (according to the index of the largest European hub … Read more

ICE data: the average price of gas on the stock exchange in Europe in July rose by almost 50%, above $1800

MOSCOW, July 31 — The average monthly settlement price of gas on the European stock exchange in July jumped by almost 50 percent – from 1180 to 1805 dollars per cubic meter, follows from calculations based on data from the London ICE exchange. At the same time, futures on the TTF hub index (with the … Read more

In Germany, they renamed “Moscow” ice cream to “Kiev”

The largest grocery chain in Germany has renamed “Moscow” ice cream to “Kiev”. On Friday, July 22, Der Westen reported. It is noted that such a decision was made “for a good reason.” “Moscow” sandwich ice cream will now be called “Kyiv”. This is how the supermarket chain wants to show solidarity with Ukraine,” the … Read more

Moscow zoo animals eat ice cakes and bathe

A 30-degree heat has set in the capital, and an orange level of weather danger has even been declared in the city. To make it easier for the animals of the Moscow Zoo to endure difficult weather conditions, ice treats were prepared for them. “Keepers prepare ice cakes for animals. Bears, including pandas, are offered … Read more