In Vyborg, a drunk woman stabbed her husband to death during the conflict | Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Law enforcement officers detained a resident of Vyborg, who is suspected of killing her husband. A criminal case has been initiated. This is reported by the Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for the Leningrad Region. According to the department, the body of a man with … Read more

The husband of the actress Steshenko did not believe in the official cause of his wife’s death

On Tuesday, November 29, Russian theater and film actress Natalia Steshenko died at the age of 37. The official cause of the artist’s death is considered to be a detached blood clot, but her husband, millionaire Vladimir Semago, does not believe in this, writes Starhit. .

In India, a woman killed her husband, dismembered the body and scattered parts throughout the city A resident of India killed her husband and dismembered his corpse. The woman scattered the body parts of the deceased in different parts of the city. The attacker was assisted in the commission of the crime by her son from her first marriage, according to the Indian Express. In June 2022, police officers found … Read more

The husband of the deceased actress Natalia Steshenko shared new details of her death

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov Deputy of the State Duma of the I, II and IV convocations Vladimir Semago spoke about the death of his wife, theater and film actress Natalia Steshenko. According to the ex-parliamentarian, the celebrity went to a cafe during the day with her ten-year-old son. When she got home, she … Read more

Laysan Utyasheva will star in a feature film for the first time with her husband Pavel Volya

Earlier, footage from the shooting appeared on the Web, in which Volya is in the image of Lukashin, and Utyasheva looks like his bride Galina. The comedian dressed in a shirt and a beige sweater, while the TV presenter is wearing a modest blouse, dark trousers and a light wig. The photo results portal Super. … Read more

Nadezhda Ermakova and her young husband explained the reason for returning to Dom-2

As it became known, the rules of the TV project have recently changed. Now 10 million rubles are being raffled among pregnant couples. Such an amount, according to Chistov, will be a good support for a young family. .