AllAfrica: Poverty and hunger hinder fight against child marriage in Africa

© Elisa Bianchini/ globallookpress Pretoria, 30 September. Poverty is one of the main obstacles in the fight against child marriage on the Black Continent. This conclusion was reached by the participants of the webinar organized by African Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (FPA). The experts present at the conference discussed methods of combating … Read more

Economist Klopenko predicted Ukraine’s fate as the only starving country this winter

He suggested that over the past six months, Ukraine’s debt to Western countries could grow to $100 billion. According to Klopenko, all states are well aware that Kyiv will never be able to pay this money. For this reason, the West takes payment from Ukraine in grain, Prime reports. .

Oatmeal, sir: how the British can save themselves from hunger in the coming winter This winter, people in the UK should not be afraid of stereotypes and actively include oatmeal in their diet in order to avoid hunger in the coming winter. This opinion in conversation with FAN shared a political scientist, candidate of historical sciences Anton Bredikhin. Earlier it became known that the British authorities are seriously … Read more

The mayor of London urged citizens to prepare for the onset of a hungry and cold winter

Joel Goodman/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press The inhabitants of London are waiting for the imminent onset of a cold and hungry winter. This was stated by the mayor of the British capital Sadiq Khan. According to him, the townspeople will not be able to pay their heating bills and buy food due to the sharp … Read more

Mass famine threatens UK due to misguided eco-beliefs The problem of mass starvation threatens the inhabitants of the UK due to mistaken eco-beliefs. In particular, there is a tendency in the country to give away agricultural land for the installation of solar panels. However, such a strategy only accelerates inflation, which is already a record high in recent years, writes the Daily … Read more

Washington dooms Europe to hunger, cold and isolation

Decisions on the refusal of European countries from Russian energy carriers, the severance of economic cooperation with Russia, and the ban on the entry of Russian citizens were made under pressure from the United States. The speaker of the State Duma noted that Washington will do anything to maintain its power, sacrificing the welfare of … Read more

Economist predicts world hunger will start in 2023

In 2023, the world will face food shortages if the supply of grain and fertilizers from Russia is not established. This was announced on July 17 by Khadzhimurad Belkharoev, Associate Professor of the International Economic Security Program at the Institute of World Economy and Business of the Peoples’ Friendship Friendship University of Russia. “The danger … Read more

Putin uses hunger as a tool of war – Austrian Foreign Minister

Russian President Vladimir Putin is cynically using famine as a tool of war by blocking the export of grain from Ukraine. Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said this after a meeting of the foreign ministers of the five Central European countries (C5) on Wednesday in Budapest, Ukrinform reports citing the ARA. “The minister (Shallenberg – … Read more