Historian Goldin explained Hungary’s call for the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia

In conclusion, the Russian historian stressed that, given the events of recent days, the likelihood that the EU will listen to the words of the Hungarian head of the Cabinet — zero. However, in his opinion, despite the pressure, Budapest remains one of the few mouthpieces of common sense in Europe. .

Economist Dudchak on Hungary’s anti-sanctions initiative: Europeans are tired of enduring deprivation

Oleksandr Dudchak added that popular uprisings can change the political map in the country, but they must become massive. A number of protests that have swept across Europe indicate the dissatisfaction of citizens with the new living conditions, but this is not enough yet. .

Serbia will place 500 million cubic meters of gas in Hungary’s storage facilities

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali and Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto signed a memorandum on maintaining cooperation in the energy sector, on the basis of which Belgrade will be able to place 500 million cubic meters of gas in Hungarian storage facilities, Vecherne Novosti reported. .

Historian Trukhachev explained Hungary’s reluctance to help Zelensky

Global Look Press /Zheng Huansong / XinHua Kyiv, 5 June. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry got involved in a public conflict with the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Laszlo Keveromanswering him about the mental problems of President Zelensky. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is waiting for the publication of a certificate on the state of … Read more

EU countries consider Hungary’s position on banning Russian oil mysterious

It is known that the leadership of the European Union intends to completely ban the supply of Russian oil by the sixth package of sanctions. However, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban opposed such a decision. According to the authors of the material, European officials do not understand whether the politician is really ready to veto … Read more

Senator Pushkov called Hungary’s desire to leave the EU a reflection of the mood of the people

Moscow, 13 February. Hungary’s doubts about the expediency of membership in the European Union are a reflection of public sentiment. This was stated by Senator Alexei Pushkov in his social networks. The parliamentarian shared this opinion against the backdrop of reports that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed doubt about the need for the country … Read more